What’s In Your Toolbox?

Every once in a great while we do a slightly different style of blog post. Okay…to be clear, you guys know that I write these posts. It’s not really a “we” thing.  “We” actually do all the work on the house together. “We” have an equal say in all things pertaining to the house. But

Tuesday Tidbits

The past week has been BUSY at the house. All sorts of busy! Thankfully, that always makes for a more interesting Tuesday Tidbits blog post. I’ve listed off what we worked on this week bullet point style and of course included the photos. All nail holes on the second floor trim, windows and door casing have

Tile Tutorial

Many of you have sent messages asking questions about our tile process. If you are planning on tiling something (kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, bathroom shower), here is your step-by-step tutorial on how to lay tile. Every time we do another project, there is a new tool or creation that saves us a step (or 5

Tuesday Tidbits

Today’s Tuesday Tidbits is a little shorter than usual. It’s with good cause though, because tomorrow there will be another (much longer) blog post. While tomorrow’s post is a slightly different from our usual post, it will have loads of photos! This week we are still working on the tile and just starting to select

Very Pleased

I’m very pleased with how the tile in our master bathroom is turning out.  Trent worked on it all week (during his evenings) and all weekend.  It’s up and now we simply need to grout the entire room (I can actually help with this phase!).  Once that is dry and sealed, we can start putting