Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday, another bit of trivial, tidbit info (complete with photos). It’s been a crazy few months and amazing to think that summer is on its way out. Trent has been with our pastor and a couple of other guys the past 10 days for a little R&R. Each year they head to Canada and

It’s All in the Angle

Back when we started this blog, we made an agreement to share what we could for better or worse. Clearly no one wants to hear every detail (like how we have spent 3 months debating what type of wood floors should go in the house: natural hickory…you know it would be awesome!). However, some things

Garage Painting

We have started the garage painting and it’s possible that it will take even longer than I expected. Due to the grain of the siding we chose, it will need to be painted by brush. No spraying. No big rollers. Just good old-fashion Tom Sawyer/Karate Kid style work. Oh goody! I was afraid this project