Tuesday Tidbits

Another week in the house, another week closer to feeling settled and another Tuesday Tidbits. We are still working on lots of odds-n-ends with the house (a trim piece here, some more caulk there, etc) and we are slowly decorating. As I’ve said before, I take my time with this. I especially take my time

Fact vs. Fiction

At this point, it’s safe to say that everyone has read/seen/heard the news story about our home, the Kizer Mansion. While we have a multitude of emotions running through us, we are still unable to tell our side of this convoluted story. However, in an attempt to not lose our sense of humor, we have

The Roof

Generally, Trent and I try to do almost all house projects ourselves…almost. We have (wisely) decided that we won’t be doing the roof on the Kizer Mansion. Could we pull it off? Possibly. Would one of us fall from 4 stories up and spend the next 3 months in the hospital/physical therapy? Highly likely. Would

Before and After

We officially have our first set of before and after photos! We know it’s going to be a long time before we have any real before/after shots of the interior, so we are taking the good where we can get it right now. The back of the mansion had this terrible white siding (added during the

Top 9 (not 10) Moving Tips

I (the female portion of this couple) have moved a LOT in my lifetime. Trent, on the other hand, lived in the same house his entire life….and then he married me. We have moved every 12-18 months in our 10 years of marriage. Between my younger days and these married days filled with moves, I’m

Not Exactly As Planned

So, we recently had 4T Door install our 3 beautiful, wood garage doors.  We are extremely pleased!  We have a new front door currently being constructed (to match the garage doors) and we have a color selected to paint the small stucco area around the windows and door.  However, I made the mistake of searching

But, Why?

We have had a lot, hundreds, countless people ask why we are entirely gutting the house down to the original studs. The obvious reason is because the mansion has been home to as many as 13 apartments over the last 90 years.  The only way to return it to a single family, luxury home is to

Pipes Upon Pipes Upon Pipes

We have pipes coming and going every which way in this house. Seriously. I don’t know that either of us have every seen so many pipes, spanning so many years. We have old’ish pipes, we have really old pipes and then we have ancient pipes. Some of them we can figure out…others we just stare

Wood Grain

As we are starting to take everything apart (for the next 4-5 MONTHS), we are noticing some extremely cool wood grain and some fun wood types that you don’t see every day.  Many of them we can identify…a few of them we can’t.  What’s life without a little mystery!  

Baby Steps

We are very slowly just starting to get one small, itty bitty section cleaned up. Baby steps, friends…baby steps. The carriage house had an apartment on the main level, the upper level and even in the basement (it was the WORST). The upper level is our home for the next 2 years as we complete