Tuesday Tidbits

Our Tuesday Tidbits this week is all about the garage. There are plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of things to still be done inside. But with the weather changing, Trent wanted to get the garage more organized. On past homes, we have purchased these garage organizing systems (like a closet system) that look very “garage-y.”

Tuesday Tidbits Becomes Thursday Tidbits

This week (unfortunately) our Tuesday Tidbits has become Thursday Tidbits…and thank you to those who sent private messages asking if we are alive! We are alive, but I have been under the weather for the last week. Normally, things don’t slow me down much but the last few days have been about getting my actual

Tuesday Tidbits

Another week and another Tuesday Tidbits. We were hoping to take advantage of the summer-like weather and bust open the office door on to the new patio. However, we decided to let the concrete take a full week to cure (knowing that we’ll be knocking bricks around with a sledge hammer). So, even though our

Tuesday Tidbits

This Tuesday Tidbits is just a little bit better because fall has officially arrived and I am SO HAPPY about it!!! I still need to decorate the front porch, but I’ve placed just a couple of items around over the last week or so. I’ll do some larger decor items once we get closer to

Tuesday Tidbits

Before I update you on the house for this Tuesday Tidbits, it is impossible to not comment on the date (9/11). Both Trent and I have had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial multiple times in NYC. If you have never been, I recommend it adding it to your list. It’s an all encompassing

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits friends and we had a busy, but productive week/weekend. I’ll get to the house stuff soon, but Trent and I took a little time to celebrate our anniversary. We ran into Chicago for a fun day….a little shopping, a lot of eating. There is a funny part to the story. We knew

Tuesday Tidbits and a Giveaway!

As you can tell from the above pic, we are all STILL enjoying the clean windows. Even the morning sunrise from our master bathroom has a pretty view! (Although I’m pretty sure the skylight windows are going to be filthy again within the week.) In completely unrelated news, the late summer morning sun hits our

Tuesday Tidbits with a Recipe

Another Tuesday Tidbits after another busy week! Trent has been out of town for a few days on a fun, annual fishing trip that he does with some guys from our church. Our pastor and friend happens to be an amazing photographer, so we end up with incredible photos from this trip. I love that

Tuesday Tidbits

This week’s Tuesday Tidbits is all about the windows! The windows were a major feature that drew us to this home. The arches, the size, the number of windows…you get the idea. And while we have always loved them, they have basically been a huge thorn in our sides since we started this project. Shockingly,

A Very Late Tuesday Tidbits

As you can obviously tell, this Tuesday Tidbits is terribly late (seeing as it’s Wednesday)…but better late than never! As I mentioned on our Facebook page, Trent and I had a whirlwind trip to Vancouver this weekend and it pushed everything back a day or so. Technically, Trent’s trip was a little longer than mine,