Two Updates in One Week

Happy Black Friday, friends! Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We DID take the entire day off yesterday, but there won’t be any shopping for us this today (unless we can count a trip to the hardware store). As I mentioned on Tuesday, this week has been so busy that I needed to do a

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s another Tuesday Tidbits and I will have to do a second blog post this week because there is just TOO MUCH¬†going on right now! Things are changing fast at the house and it is all for the better (yay!). This week we installed the ovens (3 ovens…they are all convection, but the top one

Door Hardware Clean-up Tutorial

It’s another tutorial friends…because I learned something new (and super easy) and feel like I should save another poor soul any wasted, unnecessary effort. We saved all the original main floor doors – because they are completely amazing! Both the doors and all the hardware had at least 87 coats of paint on them. At

Tuesday Tidbits

Time for another Tuesday Tidbits and we have been moving fast! The pseudo-finish line is in sight (I say this because we won’t actually be totally finished…but finished enough to move in). We are definitely getting a little adrenaline push for some of these projects. This past week we installed the gigantic hood over what

Q & A

It feels like it hasn’t been that long since our last Q&A, but we receive a lot of similar questions and try to keep up on the answers. Here are some of the more recent common ones. Question: When are you moving in? Answer: We truly have no idea! But we are hoping by the

Tuesday Tidbits

Many apologies for the later than usual Tuesday Tidbits post today! If you follow along, you know that this past Sunday was the New York City Marathon. I ran for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and had a wonderful time. As I mentioned last week, Trent stayed home to keep things moving on the house

Tuesday Tidbits

Time for another Tuesday Tidbits and it has been a busy week! While we don’t have a “deadline” to be into the house, we have deadline. The exterior will not be done until next spring/summer (I’ve accepted it and moved on). However, we believe the interior will be mostly done by the end of the

What’s In Your Toolbox?

Every once in a great while we do a slightly different style of blog post. Okay…to be clear, you guys know that I write these posts. It’s not really a “we” thing. ¬†“We” actually do all the work on the house together. “We” have an equal say in all things pertaining to the house. But

Tuesday Tidbits with a Confession

Friends and followers we have a confession to make on this Tuesday Tidbits. We are done. No, no, no…we aren’t actually done with the house. We are simply done mentally. We are done physically. We are over it. We have somehow allowed ourselves to fall into the scam of social media. While scrolling through Instagram

Tuesday Tidbits

Another week and So. Much. Progress. for this Tuesday Tidbits post! I’ll just get right into it, because there is a lot this week. The upstairs guest suite has everything done except the shower glass install (leaned up against the wall) and carpet. Otherwise it is done! All touch-ups, lights, etc! Funny story about the