Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday and we are STILL on electric and painting (insert sigh). Thankfully, both are dangerously close to being done, although I hate to even say or rather write those words. But honestly, we are almost done with both of these particular projects. Next up: plumbing! Sounds exciting…doesn’t it?! I have decided the light fixture pictured

Tuesday Tidbits

So, another week has come and gone and we are still framing! I think we’ll be framing the interior of this home until 2018 (kidding…I hope). Here are a few of the updated framing pics. It’s tough to capture this on a camera because, well, it’s framing. You sorta’ look through it. **It’s at this point I

It’s Official!!

It’s official:  Trent and I are the owners of a new home.  (Drumroll please)…The Kizer Mansion.  If you live in the South Bend area, you may know this home.  If not, allow me to give a few of the important tidbits. 1.  Located on W Washington St in South Bend, IN. 2.  Built in 1885-1886

Main Living Space = Done

That’s right….our main (primary) living space is done. Mostly.  I mean I might change out a light fixture or two, but it’s done.  Initially, we were going to move on to finishing the lower level.  However, we have since decided that the master suite needs a facelift.  We start demo’ing the master suite this weekend.