Tuesday Tidbits

This week’s Tuesday Tidbits is all about the windows! The windows were a major feature that drew us to this home. The arches, the size, the number of windows…you get the idea. And while we have always loved them, they have basically been a huge thorn in our sides since we started this project. Shockingly,

A Very Late Tuesday Tidbits

As you can obviously tell, this Tuesday Tidbits is terribly late (seeing as it’s Wednesday)…but better late than never! As I mentioned on our Facebook page, Trent and I had a whirlwind trip to Vancouver this weekend and it pushed everything back a day or so. Technically, Trent’s trip was a little longer than mine,

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is here again and after a few months, I’m finally making my way through the last of the basement storage containers. Needless to say, I’ve made several trips to Goodwill. The good news is that things are finally just about organized around here. We are still trying to figure out exactly what we

Tuesday Tidbits By The Numbers

As we are just about ready to wrap up (completely) the interior of the home, I thought some of the numbers might be interesting for you to know during this Tuesday Tidbits. Sheets of drywall: 340 Framing nails: 7,850 Square footage of hardwood floor: 2,900 Heating/cooling vents: 34 Outlets: 150 Light switches: 72 Kitchen cabinet

Truthful Tuesday Tidbits

Another beautiful, HOT summer week…another Tuesday Tidbits! While we did have a holiday thrown right into the middle (Happy Birthday, America!) we did not get any downtime this week. I wish I could tell you it was house projects that kept us busy, but alas…it was work. Good ol’ work. Trent actually had to be

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s a gorgeous, sunny week with a holiday tossed right in the middle…pure perfection! This Tuesday Tidbits is a little more “behind the scenes.” We have been working on small, mundane tasks within the house but the truth is we need to get the door trim/casing finished to truly wrap things up. We have two

Tuesday Tidbits with a Side of Funny

For this Tuesday Tidbits I have a some updates along with a funny story¬†(more on that later). I have spent the last few days placing a little more decor around the house. Some items have been moved around also…actually, a lot of items have been moved around. But, some items have found their permanent home

Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome to another Tuesday Tidbits! Things are (finally) just starting to feel a little more like home around here. Don’t get me wrong: we still have a LOT to do…but certain corners are starting to feel very comfortable. Like this corner in the kitchen. Framed just right with the pic shows that this little corner

Tuesday Tidbits

This Tuesday Tidbits may read a little more like a a complete non-tidbits post. We have had an extremely busy week and while we did some house projects (never pick the 90 degree day to edge your entire lawn…NEVER), I have not had a chance to document anything (sorry). We realized that we needed a

Tuesday Tidbits

Today’s Tuesday Tidbits has to start out with a PSA: Niles is 4 years old today! The good news is that he still acts like a kitten. The bad news is that he still acts like a kitten. In honor of his birthday, I thought it would be fun to look back at some then