Tuesday Tidbits

This next Monday is Halloween and (more importantly) Trick-or-Treat time for Buchanan, MI. Buchanan kiddos: We. Are. Ready. Okay….actually, we’re not really ready at all. We have candy. But since we don’t have a completed house we will be lacking many things like exterior lighting, cute costumes or pretty porch decor and furniture. We promise to

My Job is Making Pigtails

Trent has run all the wiring and hooked up the main panel and the garage panel for our electric the past couple of weeks. It’s amazing (so many recessed lights, so many sconce lights, so many chandeliers, you get the idea)! Normally, this is where we stop until drywall is finished. I have had some

I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry. I’m So Sorry.

As the title conveys, I’m so sorry (actually a little mortified) for what you are about to witness. Since we are finally done with the interior framing, I thought it would be fun to do a VERY amateur video walk through. The key word is “thought”…it really wasn’t fun at all. Funny maybe, but not

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday, another update on the trivial stuff (tidbits) that makes up our week. We have finished up the coffered ceiling in the kitchen/dining room and we are starting on the ceiling for the living room. It will be different from the kitchen ceiling and here’s hoping it won’t take as much time. If we

Tuesday Tidbits

So, another week has come and gone and we are still framing! I think we’ll be framing the interior of this home until 2018 (kidding…I hope). Here are a few of the updated framing pics. It’s tough to capture this on a camera because, well, it’s framing. You sorta’ look through it. **It’s at this point I

Mystery Solved!

We are so happy that we have had a huge very insignificant mystery solved! As you know, this home was built in approximately 1865 (per the family). When we purchased the home, there was a tight, curvy staircase in the back of the house. The staircase had been turned (which we found out after we gutted

Tuesday Tidbits

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you know that we have had a busy/productive week! We started the landscaping this week, using a local landscaping company (AmeriGreen). This first phase will still take another couple of weeks, but we are really looking forward to the finished product. Immediately following the start of landscaping,

Phase 1 Folks, We Promise!

Landscaping is happening this week..like right now! We are SO excited about this and even more excited about getting to partner with a local, Buchanan company: AmeriGreen. I will provide a full product/service review when this project is finished, but suffice to say we have enjoyed getting to know them these past few weeks. I’m

Tuesday Tidbits

As promised, here are the random tidbits that have occurred over the week (complete with photos). We decided last week that the roof on the main house absolutely had to be completely redone…so by the end of this week the roof will finally match the garage AND the holes will all be filled (which hopefully

Floor Plan

Many of you have asked about our floor plan for the home. Since we completely gutted the house, it left things open to any possibility. Trent and I quickly agreed (seriously, we don’t fuss about this kind of stuff like normal couples….we fuss about whether or not jogging is the fastest way to burn calories…and