Wood Stripping Tutorial

As I mentioned previously, we have been working on stripping the paint/stain from our 160 year old doors/windows/trim/casing. We tried every possible option and found one that works well. Maybe this tutorial will save you some time, some money and some serious frustration. We did initially start with calling a couple of professional businesses and

Another Project Couple

Almost one year ago, I showed a photo of this house in Buchanan here on our blog. This home is literally 1,000 ft from our home and I sold it to some friends, Joe and Tracy. Their plan was to take this vacant, bank-owned shell and turn it back into a beautiful home. Because this

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday means it is time for our Tidbits! If you read our Friday Favorites post last week, you know our beautiful cabinets were installed by the most awesome team ever. Below are the pics of our fully installed cabinets.  I’m in the process of selecting cabinet pulls, countertops and backsplash (oh my!). I’m about 99%

Friday Favorites

We have two Friday Favorites to share with you today and they are both amazing! I’m a little long-winded in this post, so hang tight. We are in the cabinet phase of the house (kitchen) right now and we struck gold!  First off, our Amish cabinet maker is the best. Seriously. The. Best. He was

You’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Boat

As you may remember from this post, Trent and I ordered our kitchen cabinets a year ago! An entire year! Well, the time has finally come for those cabinets to earn their keep. They have been hanging out in our garage this entire time and few days ago we pulled off the tarp. We dusted

Tuesday Tidbits

The staircase is almost fully finished! The major items have been completed, but we have a few finishing touches to still get around to. If I were a bettin’ gal, I would say we won’t get around to those finishes until after we have moved in. #priorities On Saturday I decided to pull up the

Before and Current

Since it will still be some time before we have before and after photos, I thought another post of before and current would be interesting. So much has changed!!! All of the below photos were taken from the exact same location. Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current:

Tuesday Tidbits on a Wednesday

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We did enjoy a little down time this past weekend (not a lot…just enough) and now we are back at it…which is why this Tuesday Tidbits is on Wednesday. The big story this week is the staircase and its progress. While it will still  take another couple

Tile Tutorial

Many of you have sent messages asking questions about our tile process. If you are planning on tiling something (kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, bathroom shower), here is your step-by-step tutorial on how to lay tile. Every time we do another project, there is a new tool or creation that saves us a step (or 5

Friday Favorites

We have a few more favorites to share with you this gorgeous Friday morning! While the plan is to do the breezeway floor last (like after we move in), I just couldn’t help myself and went ahead with another purchase. The hexagon and octagon tiles in the bathroom have turned out so nice we decided