Tuesday Tidbits

It’s been another busy week on our end for this Tuesday Tidbits! Thankfully, our “busy” no longer includes driving home from work, changing clothes, driving to the house, and then driving back each evening. We easily gained 60-90 minutes each day when we moved into the house. We even have time to sit and relax

Tuesday Tidbits

Friends, I had an entire Tuesday Tidbits ready to go for yesterday morning. Pictures showing that while we are living in the house we are still putting things in place (very slowly). Here is the part I didn’t put on the blog or our Facebook page: I’ve been gone for a girls’ trip since last

Tuesday Tidbits

We have another Tuesday Tidbits this week that is full of progress! If you follow along on FB or Instagram, you know that we were able to get a few more window treatments up in the kitchen. There are 4 (rather large) kitchen windows and they all have these same roman shades. They only go

Tuesday Tidbits

Forgive the slightly later than usual post this morning…this Tuesday Tidbits will be a Part 1 with Part 2 tomorrow. We have been busy. Like, really really busy. We are currently in “Operation Get-In-The-House” right now. Unfortunately, during this blitz of activity I completely forgot to take many pics! We have some things to share

Tuesday Tidbits on Wednesday

Friends, I have a confession to make: we were so into our Christmas that as I sat on the sofa last night it dawned on me that it was actually Tuesday! And I had not done a blog post! We simply lost track of our days. We DID take most of Sunday off and Monday

Then and Now

As we near the end of the year, we like to look back and see how far we have come.  **If you are in the middle of a renovation/home project of your own, just look at your before photos…it will help push you through to the end.** So while these still are not true “before

Tuesday Tidbits

We have once again had another busy week for our Tuesday Tidbits (we really sound like a broken record). While our projects are a little less major than at the start of the project, they are finishes. Which means they take 10x’s as long as far larger projects even though they look like they should

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s time for another Tuesday Tidbits! While we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, we still managed to keep the momentum going at the house. Things are moving along quickly and we want to keep it that way. The pic above shows where I have spent most of my time this week…caulking window trim. I believe

Q & A

It feels like it hasn’t been that long since our last Q&A, but we receive a lot of similar questions and try to keep up on the answers. Here are some of the more recent common ones. Question: When are you moving in? Answer: We truly have no idea! But we are hoping by the

Tuesday Tidbits Part 2

**If the house stuff is your only interest, keep scrolling down!** This Part 2 of Tuesday Tidbits is to fill you in on some personal stuff as well as house stuff. We have some busy days surrounding us right now…exciting but busy. Many of you have asked about the New York City Marathon that I