Cookie Making and Buying Guide

A quick spritz cookie buying guide for all the tools needed to make these super easy and tasty cookies!

Tuesday Tidbits

Today’s Tuesday Tidbits was originally going to be a wrap up of Thanksgiving, but in the hustle and bustle of the actual meal prep I did not take any “finished” pics. I can tell you that things went exactly as planned (ahhh…I don’t get to say that often, so I’m going to enjoy it for

Tuesday Tidbits with Thanksgiving Tips

Ahhhh….another Tuesday Tidbits and only two days until Thanksgiving! Is it just me or does it feel like Thanksgiving came super early this year? Add in our crazy early winter weather and I’m just completely thrown off with my routine. We have been busy doing some projects around the house (that blasted trim is still

Tuesday Tidbits

Another week and another Tuesday Tidbits. We were hoping to take advantage of the summer-like weather and bust open the office door on to the new patio. However, we decided to let the concrete take a full week to cure (knowing that we’ll be knocking bricks around with a sledge hammer). So, even though our

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits friends and we are only a few days from the official start of fall! I absolutely love the change of seasons in our part of the country (yes, I could do without snow in October or May, but I do love the change). I have pulled out a few fall decor items,

Tuesday Tidbits with a Recipe

Another Tuesday Tidbits after another busy week! Trent has been out of town for a few days on a fun, annual fishing trip that he does with some guys from our church. Our pastor and friend happens to be an amazing photographer, so we end up with incredible photos from this trip. I love that

Tuesday Tidbits

For this Tuesday Tidbits I thought it might be interesting to show you some of our house features up close and personal. The kitchen seems to be the obvious place to start since it’s where most people spend the largest amount of time and money. Our home is no different than any other and we

Tuesday Tidbits with a Side of Funny

For this Tuesday Tidbits I have a some updates along with a funny story¬†(more on that later). I have spent the last few days placing a little more decor around the house. Some items have been moved around also…actually, a lot of items have been moved around. But, some items have found their permanent home

Tuesday Tidbits

Today’s Tuesday Tidbits has to start out with a PSA: Niles is 4 years old today! The good news is that he still acts like a kitten. The bad news is that he still acts like a kitten. In honor of his birthday, I thought it would be fun to look back at some then

Tuesday Tidbits

Ahhh….another Tuesday Tidbits this week! Thankfully, we have been experiencing the most beautiful spring weather. Really, it has been amazing! Our redbud trees in the side/backyard have been putting on quite the show. The view is even beautiful looking out the side door of our kitchen. And while our magnolia tree is wrapping things up,