Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday and we are STILL on electric and painting (insert sigh). Thankfully, both are dangerously close to being done, although I hate to even say or rather write those words. But honestly, we are almost done with both of these particular projects. Next up: plumbing! Sounds exciting…doesn’t it?! I have decided the light fixture pictured

Then and Now

If you have been following along for longer than a week, you know that I find energy in looking back through old photos (it helps me see progress when it feels like things are moving in SLOW motion). I thought these photos might be fun to show you – because things have changed a lot!

But, Why?

We have had a lot, hundreds, countless people ask why we are entirely gutting the house down to the original studs. The obvious reason is because the mansion has been home to as many as 13 apartments over the last 90 years.  The only way to return it to a single family, luxury home is to

It’s Official!!

It’s official:  Trent and I are the owners of a new home.  (Drumroll please)…The Kizer Mansion.  If you live in the South Bend area, you may know this home.  If not, allow me to give a few of the important tidbits. 1.  Located on W Washington St in South Bend, IN. 2.  Built in 1885-1886