Doors, Doors, Beautiful Doors

Our home has some beautiful doors.  I’m not talking pretty, oh-those-are-nice doors….I’m talking about stunning doors.  They are huge and they are so heavy you can’t even fathom it (until you try to open one of them). They need a lot of attention, but we are prepared to give it.

1 House, 9 Fireplaces

That’s right…the Kizer Mansion has lots (and I mean lots) of fireplaces.   To be technical, we know of 10 fireplaces, but 1 of those has been covered up.  We are about 99% certain of another 2-3 fireplaces (also covered up) and their location.  Obviously, we will know with certainty in a few months as we

More Pictures Part 2

As I’ve said before, it would be impossible for me to post all the pictures of the entire house at once.  I will continue to post installments of several pics and hopefully manage to give you a “tour” of the mansion in doing so. This is the large turret on the third floor (with another fireplace…of

More Pics…Part 1

Yes.  I have heard your requests for more photos of the house.  While it is almost impossible for me to put up photos of every corner in every room all at once, I can update photos in a series of posts. Consider this part 1 of……oh, I have no idea.  A lot. View of the

It’s Official!!

It’s official:  Trent and I are the owners of a new home.  (Drumroll please)…The Kizer Mansion.  If you live in the South Bend area, you may know this home.  If not, allow me to give a few of the important tidbits. 1.  Located on W Washington St in South Bend, IN. 2.  Built in 1885-1886