Tuesday Tidbits

It’s been another busy week for us on the house! However, this Tuesday Tidbits is all about doors. As you know from last week’s posts, I’ve been stripping the original doors all week. However, I am now down to the last side on the last door! I’m trying desperately to not think about the trim, casing, windows,

Tuesday Tidbits

Yes, it’s another Tuesday Tidbits and (thanks to the long weekend) I believe we got a decent amount done this week. While it was not near as exciting as some weeks, the results mattered and had to be done. **Little extra tidbit: the brick accents on the garage will be starting this next week/weekend!!!!!** The plan

Mystery Solved!

We are so happy that we have had a huge very insignificant mystery solved! As you know, this home was built in approximately 1865 (per the family). When we purchased the home, there was a tight, curvy staircase in the back of the house. The staircase had been turned (which we found out after we gutted

Doors, Doors, Beautiful Doors

Our home has some beautiful doors.  I’m not talking pretty, oh-those-are-nice doors….I’m talking about stunning doors.  They are huge and they are so heavy you can’t even fathom it (until you try to open one of them). They need a lot of attention, but we are prepared to give it.