Tuesday Tidbits

It’s a strange sentence for me to write, but we didn’t really have a crazy, insane, over-the-top busy week at the house. It was nice…very, very nice. Trent was out of the country for a few days on a work/fun trip and when he sent me this pic I became a little giddy. He caught

Tuesday Tidbits

It has been another super busy week! Our Tuesday Tidbits could seriously have 100 photos and updates this week – but I won’t bore you. Plus, I think it would take me an entire day to sort and download them all. Here are the week’s highlights: Since Trent was able to build the 2 crazy

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s been another busy week for us on the house! However, this Tuesday Tidbits is all about doors. As you know from last week’s posts, I’ve been stripping the original doors all week. However, I am now down to the last side on the last door! I’m trying desperately to not think about the trim, casing, windows,

Wood Stripping Tutorial

As I mentioned previously, we have been working on stripping the paint/stain from our 160 year old doors/windows/trim/casing. We tried every possible option and found one that works well. Maybe this tutorial will save you some time, some money and some serious frustration. We did initially start with calling a couple of professional businesses and

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s time for another Tuesday Tidbits! We have been busy this week continuing to hang light fixtures. It feels like we are only half way through this particular project. But admittedly, the fixtures are enjoyable because of the instant change we can see. At the last minute, I realized there were a couple of corners

Another Project Couple

Almost one year ago, I showed a photo of this house in Buchanan here on our blog. This home is literally 1,000 ft from our home and I sold it to some friends, Joe and Tracy. Their plan was to take this vacant, bank-owned shell and turn it back into a beautiful home. Because this

Tuesday Tidbits

The past week has been BUSY at the house. All sorts of busy! Thankfully, that always makes for a more interesting Tuesday Tidbits blog post. I’ve listed off what we worked on this week bullet point style and of course included the photos. All nail holes on the second floor trim, windows and door casing have

Tuesday Tidbits with a side of Q & A

It’s been awhile since we have answered some of the more common questions we receive…so it seemed time for a Q & A post. Today’s Tuesday Tidbits is just in a slightly different format. Followed by a few pics. Here we go! Q: When will you guys be moving in? A: Well, last year we said spring. This

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday means it is time for our Tidbits! If you read our Friday Favorites post last week, you know our beautiful cabinets were installed by the most awesome team ever. Below are the pics of our fully installed cabinets.  I’m in the process of selecting cabinet pulls, countertops and backsplash (oh my!). I’m about 99%

Friday Favorites

We have two Friday Favorites to share with you today and they are both amazing! I’m a little long-winded in this post, so hang tight. We are in the cabinet phase of the house (kitchen) right now and we struck gold!  First off, our Amish cabinet maker is the best. Seriously. The. Best. He was