Spring Cleaning

This week’s Tuesday Tidbits post is all about spring cleaning! Personally, I love spring cleaning…to be honest, I just love cleaning in general. However, I like to be efficient with my time. Below are a few items or tricks that I love and have found save me some time while still keeping everything clean. These

Tuesday Tidbits

No, it’s not technically Tuesday for this tidbits. And yes, we went AWOL last week…but things are back on track. Here is the excuse… justification… reason for our delinquent posting. Often times I post that things are crazy on our end. The last month has been over the top! Additionally, Trent has been gone a

Tuesday Tidbits

This Tuesday Tidbits is all about our office project currently in place,

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is all about spring! The kitchen received a couple of easy and inexpensive touches to feel fresh!

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits with a list of our upcoming three projects.

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits with lots of photos of our fireplace project…and an amazing cookie recipe!

Tuesday Tidbits

This Tuesday Tidbits is all about our 3 year anniversary on the house!

Another Strange Week

We have no clue how this happened, but we have had another strange week! While Trent and I both worked this week (kids were all out of school and those with outside jobs were also off work), the weather was extreme. To say the least. Trent and I both travel often (some fun, some work)

Main Floor Tour

Main floor tour today in place of our usual Tuesday Tidbits this week!

Battling the Post Holiday Blues

A few of my tricks to battle the post holiday blues inside the comfort of your own home.