Wood Stripping Tutorial

As I mentioned previously, we have been working on stripping the paint/stain from our 160 year old doors/windows/trim/casing. We tried every possible option and found one that works well. Maybe this tutorial will save you some time, some money and some serious frustration. We did initially start with calling a couple of professional businesses and

Tuesday Tidbits with a side of Q & A

It’s been awhile since we have answered some of the more common questions we receive…so it seemed time for a Q & A post. Today’s Tuesday Tidbits is just in a slightly different format. Followed by a few pics. Here we go! Q: When will you guys be moving in? A: Well, last year we said spring. This

You’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Boat

As you may remember from this post, Trent and I ordered our kitchen cabinets a year ago! An entire year! Well, the time has finally come for those cabinets to earn their keep. They have been hanging out in our garage this entire time and few days ago we pulled off the tarp. We dusted

Friday Favorites

Last week we brought out one of our favorite photographers and had him work his magic on our house. Due to the nature of our project, his beautiful photos were out of date almost immediately (we work fast). But, I still have to share them with you…because they are so good! We promise to bring him

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday and another bunch of Tidbits! The staircase is officially starting today! There are SO many parts, it’s insane. It’s hard to grasp the size of things because everything is so big in this house…but trust me, it’s a lot of hickory, it’s huge and it’s heavy (Trent and I moved every single piece

New Every Day

Currently, we are in the super fun part of the project where something is new every day. Every. Single. Day. It’s pretty awesome. Sadly, we know that the boring part is coming. The part where all we do for weeks on end is fill nail holes, touch up paint and loads of other yawn-worthy events.