You’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Boat

As you may remember from this post, Trent and I ordered our kitchen cabinets a year ago! An entire year! Well, the time has finally come for those cabinets to earn their keep. They have been hanging out in our garage this entire time and few days ago we pulled off the tarp. We dusted

Tuesday Tidbits

The staircase is almost fully finished! The major items have been completed, but we have a few finishing touches to still get around to. If I were a bettin’ gal, I would say we won’t get around to those finishes until after we have moved in. #priorities On Saturday I decided to pull up the

Friday Favorites

Last week we brought out one of our favorite photographers and had him work his magic on our house. Due to the nature of our project, his beautiful photos were out of date almost immediately (we work fast). But, I still have to share them with you…because they are so good! We promise to bring him

Before and Current

Since it will still be some time before we have before and after photos, I thought another post of before and current would be interesting. So much has changed!!! All of the below photos were taken from the exact same location. Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current: Before: Current:

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits is here and we have had another extremely busy and productive week! The hardwood floor is done with the exception of a few transition areas…minor, very minor. As I’ve mentioned before, we went with true hardwood (3/4″ thick) because this works for us. There is a time and place for engineered floors

A Little Too Personal

If you have followed our blog and story for any length of time you know that while we may throw in the occasional personal photo or piece of info, we generally keep things fairly house/project oriented. And since you probably follow along because you find our house/project interesting, this seems fair. If you could hang

Tuesday Tidbits

More Tuesday Tidbits today, but as I warned we are in the boring phase. This past week, Trent and I decided to divide and conquer. Trent has spent his time putting all the backer board in all the showers prepping for tile, while I have spent my days going over some missed spots on the

Tuesday Tidbits

Oh yes, it’s that time of the week again! Since this Tuesday’s Tidbits happens to also fall on Valentine’s Day, I decided to list a few things that Trent and I love about the house. (Totally cheesy, I know!) We love the way the kitchen ceiling has turned out. Since the entire ceiling had to

Tuesday Tidbits

Another week means another Tuesday Tidbits and we are EXTREMELY pleased with this one! The drywall is moving along and we should be able to start painting next week (assuming I actually commit to some paint colors). We knew the drywall would make the house feel a little more closed in, but it’s still a

Coffered Ceiling Tutorial Part 1

“Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky…and they all look just the same.”  I should get the disappointing news out of the way right now: if you are planning on seeing the complete, fully finished product (of a coffered ceiling…because, obviously, the title) you will need to wait another couple of