Tuesday Tidbits

I think we have one more week of me sounding like a broken record on our Tuesday Tidbits post (maybe two more weeks). This week was STILL all about painting and getting things ready for tile in each bathroom. All of the cement board is in, everything has been screwed in and we are just

Completed Bathroom

Other than picking out towels and a few décor items, the master bathroom is done!  We are thrilled with how it turned out and just as soon as I have cleaned all the construction dust we will be equally thrilled to start using it. Yes, the ceiling in the shower is wood (teak wood, to

What Problems?!

The tile in our master bathroom is finally done and sealed!  Trent cut and put it all in place, then he did the grout while I hurried along behind him wiping, wiping and still wiping up the excess.  If you’ve done tile work, you know exactly how enjoyable this job is.  We did happen to