Tuesday Tidbits Part 2

Hello friends! As promised yesterday, this week’s Tuesday Tidbits is a two-fer…how’s that for a tongue twister?! We have been very busy overwhelmed for the last couple of weeks. It’s great because we are nearing the end of the interior portion. However, it’s a little overwhelming to try and figure out all the last minute

Tuesday Tidbits

Forgive the slightly later than usual post this morning…this Tuesday Tidbits will be a Part 1 with Part 2 tomorrow. We have been busy. Like, really really busy. We are currently in “Operation Get-In-The-House” right now. Unfortunately, during this blitz of activity I completely forgot to take many pics! We have some things to share

Tuesday Tidbits

Exactly two years ago yesterday, we purchased our home and notified the world (well, we notified the social media “world”). The pic of the house on January 29, 2016 (above) feels like a lifetime ago. It seems fitting that we are just about ready to move in…not done by a long shot…but able to move

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday Tidbits with a few items that have kept us busy this week! We installed 2 of the 4 garage doors openers this week and we seriously feel like we are living the high life! For 18 months we have manually opened and closed the garage doors…every single day. The opener is one of

Friday Fun

Below is a Friday Fun treat! The Pears family has been extremely generous sharing photos they have found of the home (some dating back to the late 1800’s). While I have shared a couple of these with you already…a couple are new. Below are a handful of old photos and then immediately following is a

Tuesday Tidbits

It has been another busy week for this Tuesday Tidbits. I have been going through the house with my caulking gun and then touching up all the trim paint. I have so many touch ups to do on the walls, but I think I’ll do that last (like after the larger furniture has been brought

Tuesday Tidbits

Ahhhhh!!!!!! We are so close…and yet still so far away for this Tuesday Tidbits. ┬áIt kind of feels like every time we cross one item off our task list, we find three more to replace it. Everything at this point is little, tedious and very small reward. Nonetheless, we are both starting to get very

Tuesday Tidbits

I would love to tell you that we had an incredibly productive week for this Tuesday Tidbits, but we sort of slacked off this last week at the house. We both worked at our day jobs during the week and when you toss in a couple of major holidays, family time, friend time and just

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! 2017 was a good year and we are certain that 2018 will be even better! We like to spend just a little time on NYE looking back at the year we are getting ready to leave behind. We’ll never say that it was all perfect (oh heavens…it was definitely not

Tuesday Tidbits on Wednesday

Friends, I have a confession to make: we were so into our Christmas that as I sat on the sofa last night it dawned on me that it was actually Tuesday! And I had not done a blog post! We simply lost track of our days. We DID take most of Sunday off and Monday