Baby Steps

We are very slowly just starting to get one small, itty bitty section cleaned up. Baby steps, friends…baby steps. The carriage house had an apartment on the main level, the upper level and even in the basement (it was the WORST). The upper level is our home for the next 2 years as we complete

The Couple, Not the Project

A few days ago, Trent and I decided that we needed to take a break from working on the house. We have learned (the hard way) that this is our only path to sanity. We work all day at our actual jobs, then work all evening/weekends on the house. So, we have decided that on

The Carriage House

This week we officially started really working on the house.  Although, to be technical we are working on the carriage house.  Since we are living in the carriage house as we rehab the main house, there were a few things that needed to be done to make it livable (in my opinion).  Consider these the

Individual Beauty

Each of the fireplaces (all 10 of them) have unique, individual liners. They are incredible and I’ve we’ve decided they must stay. We haven’t heard what the cost will be to restore them to safe, working condition…but I am we are willing to figure this one out. On a separate note, we’ll be taking donations for fireplace

It’s All in the Details

If you are following along on Facebook or Instagram, you have been able to see some of the incredible things we are finding. Every time we turn around at our home, we “discover” something new in the details. Below are a few of my favorites. **Scroll to the bottom of this page (right hand side)

Doors, Doors, Beautiful Doors

Our home has some beautiful doors.  I’m not talking pretty, oh-those-are-nice doors….I’m talking about stunning doors.  They are huge and they are so heavy you can’t even fathom it (until you try to open one of them). They need a lot of attention, but we are prepared to give it.

1 House, 9 Fireplaces

That’s right…the Kizer Mansion has lots (and I mean lots) of fireplaces.   To be technical, we know of 10 fireplaces, but 1 of those has been covered up.  We are about 99% certain of another 2-3 fireplaces (also covered up) and their location.  Obviously, we will know with certainty in a few months as we

More Pictures Part 2

As I’ve said before, it would be impossible for me to post all the pictures of the entire house at once.  I will continue to post installments of several pics and hopefully manage to give you a “tour” of the mansion in doing so. This is the large turret on the third floor (with another fireplace…of

More Pics…Part 1

Yes.  I have heard your requests for more photos of the house.  While it is almost impossible for me to put up photos of every corner in every room all at once, I can update photos in a series of posts. Consider this part 1 of……oh, I have no idea.  A lot. View of the

Romanesque Revival

If you had asked me 6 months ago what a “Romanesque Revival” home looks like, I believe my response would have been something like: “ummm….old, European, dark, definitely old.” Well, suffice to say we are quickly becoming pseudo-experts on this style of architecture.  I could bore you with tedious details, but instead I’ll give you a