We have some finishing touches to make on our master bathroom (a rather significant amount of finishing touches), but really we are simply waiting on glass. 2 glass mirrors for the vanity and 1 glass door for the shower.  Given the flat, threshold free shower we are installing a frameless glass door.   We are hopeful that

What Problems?!

The tile in our master bathroom is finally done and sealed!  Trent cut and put it all in place, then he did the grout while I hurried along behind him wiping, wiping and still wiping up the excess.  If you’ve done tile work, you know exactly how enjoyable this job is.  We did happen to

Very Pleased

I’m very pleased with how the tile in our master bathroom is turning out.  Trent worked on it all week (during his evenings) and all weekend.  It’s up and now we simply need to grout the entire room (I can actually help with this phase!).  Once that is dry and sealed, we can start putting

Hardest Part is Done

It doesn’t look like much has been accomplished in our master bath, but really the toughest part (for now) is done.  The awful cuts for the bathtub and strange corners are finished.  We might actually have a tile floor by the end of this weekend!

Slow but Steady

Our master suite has been a very slow but steady process.  It’s also been a process that leaves me almost useless to helping Trent.  I can paint and I can help unload cement board, but that’s about my limit at this stage.  Building a shower floor that has a perfect, consistent slant towards the drain

A Little Trick

I’ll let you in on a trick that we’ve learned after many projects:  buy all the items you need PRIOR to starting the project.  Truthfully, we don’t always have this luxury (time, money, pure coincidence can change it all in a heartbeat).  However, when we can buy it all ahead it saves us so much

Main Living Space = Done

That’s right….our main (primary) living space is done. Mostly.  I mean I might change out a light fixture or two, but it’s done.  Initially, we were going to move on to finishing the lower level.  However, we have since decided that the master suite needs a facelift.  We start demo’ing the master suite this weekend.