Top 9 (not 10) Moving Tips

I (the female portion of this couple) have moved a LOT in my lifetime. Trent, on the other hand, lived in the same house his entire life….and then he married me. We have moved every 12-18 months in our 10 years of marriage. Between my younger days and these married days filled with moves, I’m

So Much Going On

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind.  Here is a brief update: 1.  Our kitchen was used for a KitchenAid promo video shoot.  I’ve never been on any kind of set for filming (let alone have one in our home).  It was pretty cool! 2.  Our lower level is super close to being finished. 

Just the Right Size

After spotting a little critter hole in a house I recently sold, I told Trent that we needed one for Niles. He gave in agreed and created a spot for Niles (food, litter, etc).  We made it just small enough  for someone else to be able to patch it up and just big enough for

That’s My Husband

The drywall was hung yesterday by a VERY large group of men. They showed up at 8am with 2 guys and quickly called in reinforcements (10 guys total). It’s a huge drywall project and they wanted it done immediately (so the finishers could start today). Best Moment: the drywallers walk downstairs and ask who did the framing.

Locks, locks and more locks

After a lot of framing (and by a lot, I mean 2,300 sq ft worth) and more electrical wires than my mind can comprehend, we are getting close to drywall.  While I dread drywall for the inevitable mess it creates, I love it because the end is in sight.  Not actually close, mind you, but

Fall/Winter Project

We’ve officially started our fall/winter project: the basement.  The current plan is to finish about 90% of the 2,300 sq. ft….unless we change our minds.  There will be another poker room for my husband and his buddies (we’re moving as fast as we can guys!) along with another bedroom, bathroom, family room and work out room. 

The Deck that Didn’t Collapse

We barely finished the new deck just in time to host a party (a large party…we’re talking a couple hundred people). The night before the party I woke up from a horrible nightmare that the entire deck collapsed during our party. I told Trent about it and he just laughed. His thoughts: 1. The deck would

A Small Detour

Yes, we have still been slaving away on the project house.  However, we’ve had a couple of small detours (truthfully, some of them were not so small).  Long story short, we are back on track and have a lots of items checked off our to-do list. 1.  30 additional new sprinkler heads added to the

Completed Bathroom

Other than picking out towels and a few décor items, the master bathroom is done!  We are thrilled with how it turned out and just as soon as I have cleaned all the construction dust we will be equally thrilled to start using it. Yes, the ceiling in the shower is wood (teak wood, to

I’m in Love

Between our enormous shower head (16″ to be exact), the shower handle and our teakwood bench, I am in love.  While I haven’t had a chance to try it out, I’m confident that it’s perfect!