This week for our Tuesday Tidbits I want to show you where I currently am with our office project. Our office is technically another guest suite (it has a full bathroom attached and a large walk in closet), but we use it as our office.

We have a large desk along with several bookshelves and contrary to apparently every other person on Pinterest, we actually use our bookshelves. So, while I’m still working on it (you can’t rush these things!), I ran out to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods for a couple of items to help it along.

I purchased several medium sized metal crates to hold various books.

I also purchased a few white and metal decor items.

I also found a metal utensil holder that I thought would work for holding pens, pencils and highlighters on the desk.

Our office project still has a ways to go. The exterior door still needs to be placed (weather permitting).

And while we have 8 recessed lights in the office (around the edge), I’m still looking for the perfect center chandelier. I have a plan A and plan B with the center light, but I’m currently shopping and price checking.

This last weekend we also had a chance to celebrate Trent’s birthday (actually this week….but work comes before birthdays when you’re an adult). We were able to have a couple of different dinners with various friends and had such a great time!

At our dinner on Saturday evening, I had a magician come to our dinner table to perform a table side show…and it was so amazing! We all enjoyed it thoroughly!

All in all, it has been a productive and fun week! Thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!


  • March 5, 2019 Reply


    So happy you choose to enjoy life and to work so hard to attain your dreams. I think you both are living a life we all admire.

  • March 5, 2019 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    I like your decorating item that you have added to your office, they set it off nicely. And a big Birthday Wish for Trent. It looks like you had a very special time out with friends…..

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