We have no clue how this happened, but we have had another strange week! While Trent and I both worked this week (kids were all out of school and those with outside jobs were also off work), the weather was extreme. To say the least. Trent and I both travel often (some fun, some work) and we were thrilled that this week was not a travel week. While I love a good pool/beach, I would be heartbroken to miss a good storm like we experienced this week. It’s fun to be cuddled up, watch the snow fall, listen to the wind and just see the beautiful white everywhere. In case you aren’t from our area, here are some pics I took from inside the warmth of our home during the storm.

While we both worked all week, I admittedly cut out early a couple of days. I love deep cleaning and fixing meals that generally take too long on a regular week day. So, that’s how I spent the late afternoons/evenings this week.

As you can tell, Niles was well cared for during this winter storm. He spent HOURS sitting on the marble floor directly in front of the heat vent. When the furnace would shut off, he would actually come out and yell at us…to make the furnace turn back on . (We may or may not have bumped up the heat to turn it back on.)

We do a have a mini-project planned for the weekend. Both main floor fireplaces are fully operational, but we don’t really use them as traditional fireplaces. While I can admit this week would have been the week to use them, it’s just too much work/mess for us currently in this life stage. However, I have been struggling with what we should do with the large fireplace (it’s huge…like HUGE). We have placed some birch logs in there just to have something, but really we have been looking for something else. I think that I have an idea we plan to try it out this weekend. I’ll definitely keep you posted…even if it’s just a fail. Which does happen.

Hopefully, you have all stayed warm and safe during this week…warm weather is only about 24 hours away! Have a wonderful, warmer weekend!


  • February 1, 2019 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    The winter scene photos were nice to see and a reminder that we are still only almost half way done with winter. Thankfully, you don’t have a “voice” activated thermostat, Niles would have it up to ninety on no time. We adjusted out thermostat down a few degrees as they suggested to take a small load off of the furnace. Our gas log fireplace supplemented the cooler temps for a couple of times each day. Rose Fuel company in South Bend supplied a very nice gas log a few years back to add ease of use to our Heat-A-Lator. Enjoy the winter days….

  • February 1, 2019 Reply

    Tom Richardson

    M.L. previously posted a good idea about gas logs. If you had gas logs in at least one fireplace it not only would be cozy (and clean) to use but also a godsend if your electric were to fail in winter! There are no doubt local options but you should research English Coal Fires. They have old fashioned grate baskets with synthetic coal blocks that use natural gas and heat up wonderfully. Niles would never leave the hearth!

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