Another Tuesday Tidbits and we are only 3 weeks (to the day) from Christmas! Yay!!! We have many trees throughout the house and lots of twinkle lights. I learned many years ago that almost anything looks Christmas-y with twinkle lights.

Several of our Christmas items are hand-me-downs from my family. I always loved this pewter nativity scene and when my parents moved into a villa, it came to live with me.

I have several of these old wooden candy crates in storage and decided to use a couple of them for the base on some of the medium size trees. They worked out perfectly!

Another smaller tree (although it’s not as small as it looks in this pic…it is deceptive because of the size of the room) that is 4 feet tall worked on top of our cabinet in the piano room. I’ll probably try to score a 5-6′ tall tree after Christmas (on sale) for this spot next year.

My very favorite Christmas decor item is this little figurine. She has a music box that plays “Away in a Manger.” When I was 4 years old we were at the home of a lady who attended our church who made these types of crafts (ceramic). I remember her asking what color I would like the angel’s hair to be and I answered “like mine.” She asked about the angel’s eye color and I answered “like mine.” She asked about the angel’s dress color and I answered “like mine.” 

The best part is the inscription on the bottom.

Do you use hand-me-downs, all new decor, handmade items or something different? I love a good mix! Have a wonderful week and thank you for following along!


  • December 4, 2018 Reply

    Jane Gajewski

    I love the nativity scene too. Is the tree on the chest a ceramic tree with the lights poking through? My uncle made one of those (not that big) for me and my mom several years ago. It’s nice to see so many live trees. My cat would try to use the dirt in the tree pots to potty so we don’t have any live plants in our house. Flower arrangements we get have to be put up where he can’t jump and get to them or he’d eat the blossoms of certain flowers. He’s 17 yrs old and weighs 22 pounds.

  • December 4, 2018 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    Everything looks so nice, but especially the figurine at the last. What a wonderful keepsake and memory to hold on to.

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