Given that yesterday was election day, I decided not to post our usual blog. But since the election is now over (and I’m guessing we are all ready to move on…if for no other reason than to be done with the commercials), I thought it might be nice to do the blog today. This Tuesday Tidbits¬†on Wednesday would be completely wrong if I didn’t mention Halloween (even though I know we have all moved on to Thanksgiving/Christmas). Our little town of Buchanan does Halloween BIG. And I mean B – I – G! We bought our home in January almost three years ago. When I posted this news on our blog, numerous people commented that we should start buying Halloween candy. Trent and I laughed and rolled our eyes. Those people were so right!!! We learned fast and since then we have been ultra prepared.

We have a huge pan of candy for the kids, we have king size bars for the kids we know (yep, I’m “that” person and I’m perfectly fine with it) and we have goodie bags for kids that can’t have candy.

The calm before the storm.

This particular Halloween, Trent had to be out of town so I called in my parents for support. Yes, it’s SO BIG that one person cannot do it all.

The evening is high energy and non-stop from start to finish! It’s an absolute blast!

In actual house news, we received half of the trim needed for our two doorways from the finisher. Yep…half. Can you sense the attitude and tone in my writing?? It’s there. I’m frustrated, but trying to be happy that we can finish one doorway. The trouble is I don’t know which one. The office door needs to be done and I would LOVE for it to be finished before the holidays (and if it’s not, we will probably have to wait until spring…unless we get one of those mild winters). But the kitchen would look so much better if that doorway going into the breezeway was finished off. I’m sick of looking at it. Done. Over it. So that’s the dilemma.

In related news, I have more trim to paint. Since our garage is now being used as a garage, we set it up in an empty spot in the basement.

And as the garage has been getting re-organized with the new cabinets, the basement has received a re-organization too (we moved the additional garage shelving down to the basement). We have so many left over rugs from 10-12 years ago (that are in good shape, but just not our style anymore). So Trent put them all down just to have nicer walking space. And it DOES make it feel much cleaner…although a little crazy with the various designs!

We have a handful of projects that we are hoping to get finished prior to Thanksgiving (which means sometime in the next week or two). That’s our focus for now.

As always, thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!!


  • November 7, 2018 Reply

    MIchael Lannoo

    I am also a big fan of Halloween and really enjoyed your photos of all the little ghosts and goblins. Sometimes when I have dilemmas about choice, I just flip a coin and follow it’s decision. In this though,since the weather will be a factor, I,d go with the office door. Very good use of the old area rugs, it makes it sort of “stocking feet” worthy.

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