Another Tuesday Tidbits friends and we are only a few days from the official start of fall! I absolutely love the change of seasons in our part of the country (yes, I could do without snow in October or May, but I do love the change). I have pulled out a few fall decor items, but will wait until this weekend for everything. It’s going to be almost 90 degrees on Thursday….I can’t have 90 degrees outside and a candle burning inside. So, for now it’s just a couple of items. Although, I have started burning the fireside scented candle in the evenings once the temperature drops a little.

We are (hopefully, fingers crossed) expecting the arched doorway trim pieces to be completed this week…which means this view will finally be finished off!!

I have spent the last week or so re-arranging and deep cleaning things. When we moved in this last spring, I just placed stuff in the kitchen that I thought was in the best spot. Obviously, there are many choices for where things can go. I went through this last week and pulled everything out. I cleaned the insides of all the cabinets and re-organized. I’m still working on the food/pantry type cabinets, but the dishes and small appliances are all done. Many people have commented that there is no way to fill all of these cabinets…and I would argue that point. Yes, everything has nice space around it and there isn’t a reason to stack much, but I’m definitely using a lot of the space.

In most of our previous kitchens, I have placed some type of liner in the cabinets. Our Amish cabinet-maker made the entire cabinets out of maple wood (even the shelves), so it seemed almost sinful to cover any of it. Inside the drawers I did place liners, but I just couldn’t in the cabinets. Do you have your cabinets lined with anything? Am I committing some faux pas by not doing this???

And because I will hear from some of you if Niles isn’t in one of the pics, here you go! He loves to hang out in the parlor during the evening hours. We have countless people who walk in Buchanan and he just watches everyone wander by.

Have a wonderful week (and start of fall) and thank you for following along!!


  • September 18, 2018 Reply

    Judy Felty

    I love driving by your home and seeing the piano and looking for Niles!

  • September 18, 2018 Reply


    I would not line those stunning cabinets either !

  • September 18, 2018 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    Everything looks so neat and tidy. You have done a great job in your deep cleaning. I know we all will be anxious to see the trim in you doorway to be finished as I know you are. Fall is just days away and I enjoy the change too. Our neighbor’s Maple tree is the first indication and has just one section that is brilliant red already. Niles is doing his job, keeping on the lookout for many things….

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