This week’s Tuesday Tidbits is all about the windows! The windows were a major feature that drew us to this home. The arches, the size, the number of windows…you get the idea. And while we have always loved them, they have basically been a huge thorn in our sides since we started this project. Shockingly, only two original windows had been removed (which we had exact duplicates made) and the remaining main floor windows were all original. And…even more shockingly, they are in remarkably good condition. They don’t have all their mechanical parts, but they all have their original storm windows and everything is present and accounted for. I find this to be amazing since the house was built in 1865! There were a couple of cracked panes that we repaired, but that has been it.

So, what about the windows has been a pain??? Well, when you are gutting a home but want to keep all the glass parts it becomes tricky. Sledge hammers don’t play particularly well with 10 feet tall windows. We successfully made it through that phase only to realize that next up was framing. 2 x 4’s also don’t play particularly well with 10 feet tall windows. Remember that coffered ceiling Trent and I framed in the kitchen for 32 squares in the ceiling? Turns out that I don’t play particularly well with 10 feet tall windows either (in my defense, I was operating a huge table saw). I cannot begin to tell you how many times one of us would carry in a ladder while the other one was yelling “watch out for the windows!” Somehow we managed to make it without slamming something into one of the enormous windows.

Fast forward to this spring (when we moved in) and naturally I went through and cleaned all the windows on the inside. It took an entire day! I finished and walked around (to admire my efforts…please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!?!) only to realize that the windows were still disgusting! I knew they needed to be cleaned from the outside as well, but surely 8 hours of work would count for something. Nope. Zilch. Zip. They may have looked worse because now you could see how gross they were outside. Since our windows have the original storm windows on them there is a 4 inch gap between the windows and storm windows. That’s enough room for an entire family of bats to live (not kidding). Trent and I prepared for a weekend to take all the storm windows off and clean (1) the outside of the actual windows (2) the interior of the storm windows (3) the exterior of the storm windows. Sadly, between our work and travel schedules the weekend kept getting pushed back.

Last week I caved and hired someone to do this job. I re-cleaned the interior this weekend and sat back while the exterior was done. The man I hired has cleaned our windows at our church for years and does an incredible job! I was NOT disappointed. If you have followed along, you know we do most things ourselves. But when we find someone amazing for a job we just cannot get to, I want to share the news! No discount was given for this little plug. He is just that good. He is also the kind of guy you feel comfortable having in your home.

There is no chance that the photos will do justice for this particular project. I’m just so thrilled with the end result that I’m almost giddy about it!

BEFORE pics of the FILTHY windows:

And AFTER pics of the amazingly clean windows:

All that to say, if you need your windows cleaned (and don’t have the time or desire to do them yourself), this is definitely the man for the job!

As always, thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!



  • August 14, 2018 Reply


    What a difference. Your windows look awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  • August 14, 2018 Reply

    Annie Anderson

    There is nothing more beautiful than a shiny very clean window!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • August 14, 2018 Reply

    Melanie Rosander

    I know Nate and agree he is amazing!
    Those windows look awesome. Even in your pics you can tell the difference.
    Sit back and enjoy!

    • August 14, 2018 Reply

      Leah Hudson

      I know YOU know just how awesome he is! Such great work!

  • August 14, 2018 Reply


    Your whole house can sparkle and clean scents fill the air….but if the windows are foggy the sparkle isn’t noticed. If your windows sparkle any clutter on the counter can be overlooked! They are worth every penny!

  • August 14, 2018 Reply


    I love these tidbits! Your windows just sparkle now! Never fear…Niles will quickly put a line of noseprints along the bottoms!

  • August 15, 2018 Reply


    Thank you for the recommendation!! Hope he’ll consider work in South Bend (although the phone number looks like he might!)

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