For this Tuesday Tidbits I thought it might be interesting to show you some of our house features up close and personal. The kitchen seems to be the obvious place to start since it’s where most people spend the largest amount of time and money. Our home is no different than any other and we definitely spent the most money on the kitchen. Even though this post reads like an advertisement, I promise it’s not. I have not been paid a dime to say anything good or bad.

For this home we used Kingston Brass fixtures everywhere (bathroom, kitchen, everywhere) and we have been extremely pleased with them. They are both pretty and extremely high quality.

We have purchased KitchenAid appliances for several homes and have always been pleased with their top line. I have actually used the ovens (quite a bit for us) and love them! The convection feature is extremely nice to have along with a new rapid pre-heat control. The rapid pre-heat option may be my most favorite thing ever.

One of the prettiest parts of these ovens is the interior. I never knew I could love the inside of an oven…but I do! Something about the cobalt blue just makes me happy when I open the door.

Our refrigerator is enormous…far larger than the two of us could ever use (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas). And while we have had some difficulty with the freezer door, the service company seems to be on it and working toward a solution. We love the size and the water/ice on the door is the first one we have ever had that DOES NOT splatter water or ice while filling a glass.

Our range is a Wolf and we opted for the 4 burner with the french top (the circle part in the middle). This is the first time we have made this kind of a splurge. The Wolf is pricey, but has glowing reviews. While the french top is generally used by a world class chef (which does NOT describe either one us), we knew that we would NEVER use the griddle or grill option. I had read one too many reviews about how people could not get them clean. So, we read up on the french top and watched a few YouTube videos and went for it. And to date, we have yet to even turn it on. If you know anything first hand about a french top, please share!!!

Our pot filler is also a favorite feature along with our hood (which you can barely make out in the top of the photo). If you have the option to install a real hood in a kitchen, do it! Little piece of trivia about me: I LOVE food (like LOVE it) but I despise the smell of food in a home…no idea why, but I hate it. This hood is the perfect solution to my personal oddity. 

We know that our kitchen will never truly be appreciated by us, but I have been making attempts at learning some new recipes. I believe as we head into fall/winter I might actually start using the kitchen like a normal person!

As always, thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!


  • July 31, 2018 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    You fixtures and appliances are very nice and it sounds like you invested much time in researching for the best.

  • July 31, 2018 Reply


    Your kitchen is amazing. Love all of your appliances.

  • July 31, 2018 Reply

    Staci Norman

    I also have the kitchenaid ovens- when you go to use the self clean you will be thrilled too! At the end there is a white powder that needs to be wiped out, but I’ve never had an oven look like brand new after cleaning before and mine did! Beautiful kitchen!!!

  • July 31, 2018 Reply


    When you finally have time you will appreciate the high quality. The beauty will make it more of a pleasure than a chore 😊. Great planning on your part.

  • August 1, 2018 Reply


    Do you also do all the design? And floor plans

    • August 1, 2018 Reply

      Leah Hudson

      Yes…my husband an I do all the designing. Generally, I give him my “rough draft” and then he comes back with some adjustments that are more logical.

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