Time for our usual Tuesday Tidbits! This past week has been all about decor. Yes, we still have little odds-n-ends projects inside the house…but something about the weather just made me want to work a little on the decor and organizing.

First up was the office. Unfortunately, it won’t be completely finished until we are able to demo the bricked over exterior doorway, install the original door and complete the trim on that particular wall.

However, I didn’t let that stop me from putting more stuff together on our bookshelves*Side note: A few boxes are still unaccounted for at this point, so I’m missing quite a few books and random items…that I’m hoping will turn up.*

So, the bookshelves are 8 feet tall…but our ceilings are 12 feet tall which leaves a surprising amount of dead space above the shelves. I didn’t want a ton of stuff up there because I honestly don’t wish to spend hours each week dusting. But, we needed something. Everything I placed up there was WAY TOO SMALL. In the end, I decided to place a print that I managed to grab from my parents’ home as they were downsizing. Our family lived in Bartlesville, OK while I was in high school and this print came from there. I have always loved it and it makes me think of some truly wonderful people that I am still friends with! The globe was a gift I received for Christmas in second grade (we can all safely assume that many countries are incorrect due to numerous changes since 1982…so don’t zoom in too closely).

Just to give a slightly better perspective on size, the print is 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall. I still plan to possibly add or change out a couple of things…but for now it works.

I’m still working on the piano room decor and the massive space above our tv armoire. I was strolling through various shops this week, looking for something non-specific that would work for some height. I saw several of the vintage-looking crates (I say “vintage-looking” because I know this store carries brand new items…just with a certain look). I actually picked up two of them and was walking toward the register when it dawned on me that we had a few ACTUAL vintage crates in our basement. I raced home, found the old crates and proceeded to clean the dirt, spiders, stink bugs, etc from each one. Two splinters later, I had them (mostly) clean and ready to try out. I’m still working on the entire space, but I absolutely love them! Decorating lesson of the day: shop your own home first before heading out to pay actual money.

And as I was running up and down the stairs with various items…climbing up and down ladders…dusting, cleaning, re-arranging…Niles was being super helpful.

As you can see (up close and personal), we have a LOT of work to do on the exterior. But thankfully, we will simply do that as time and weather permit us.

Thank you so much for following along and have a wonderful week!


  • April 24, 2018 Reply


    Love the old crates, pic and globe! New can be fun but items that are part of your life story will always add more to a home. Great lesson to shop your own stuff!

  • April 24, 2018 Reply


    Really like your arrangement on top of the bookshelves. Niles has the right idea! Always enjoy your posts.

  • April 24, 2018 Reply


    I think the grouping is the perfect solution for the bookshelves! Still can’t get over the massiveness of the ceilings 😊. Everything is looking homey.

  • April 24, 2018 Reply

    Nancy Nicholas

    Thanks again for sharing,

  • April 24, 2018 Reply

    Shirley Roseland

    I love hanging (displaying) artwork in interesting and sometimes surprising places. And when the artwork has a personal story . . . even better.

  • April 24, 2018 Reply


    I like the old paint outside. As long as it’s intact it’s like patina to me. But that’s just me. The older I get the better I like old stuff.

  • April 24, 2018 Reply


    Awesome choices! The picture is a great size for that placement!

  • May 1, 2018 Reply

    Terry Runyon

    I really like what you have on the bookshelf! It all looks great, of course !

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