Hello friends! As promised yesterday, this week’s Tuesday Tidbits is a two-fer…how’s that for a tongue twister?! We have been very busy overwhelmed for the last couple of weeks. It’s great because we are nearing the end of the interior portion. However, it’s a little overwhelming to try and figure out all the last minute details before we move in. What has to be completed prior to moving? What can actually wait?

Groceries: NOT a requirement

Internet: DEFINITELY a requirement

Deadbolt locks on every exterior door: NOT a requirement

Window treatments for the window next to the toilet: DEFINITELY a requirement

You get the idea! And I’m kidding about the locks. The house is currently locked up nice and safe. Needless to say, we have a list for items pre-move. And then we have a list for moving day. And then we have a list for the new furniture that is being delivered and the schedule for said deliveries. And then we have a list to keep track of all our lists. #typeApersonality 

Moving on to the pics to show some of our progress. Yesterday, I showed you this pic of the area above our front door. We decided to not permanently cover it since it helps date the house originally.

We went through several options (many people thought the house originally had a window there…it did not). In the end, we decided to go with the “glam” option. Because, life always needs a little more glam. It took a lot of searching to find this piece and Trent just about had a heart attack when I told him what it was going to cost, but in the end we are happy with the choice. And while it’s not permanent, that sucker is not going anywhere. And because pics don’t give a size reference, it’s 7.5′ wide 4′ tall.

On a completely different note, I will never understand why I don’t think to record us hanging these items. The two of us. On individual ladders. 500 lbs. One of us a little stronger than the other. While I’m busy reminding us both exactly how much this item cost. It’s hysterical in hindsight.

Another task that needed to be crossed off was our television situation. In order to understand this, I need to provide you with some info:

We have some friends that have no televisions in their homes. We have many friends that have said something like “we won’t ever have a tv in our bedroom.” We have even more friends that are extremely cautious about how much tv their kids watch. This is all amazing! Trent and I always comment about how good these friends are. We are not these people. We like our tv. We really don’t even watch that much, but we like options…lots and lots of options. We basically place a television in every room possible. So, last weekend we counted up how many televisions we currently have and then we went to Best Buy and purchased more. Televisions of all sizes and brands.

We will have a tv in our bedroom. Don’t try to tell me why we shouldn’t. I get it and I even agree…but I like to fall asleep watching the news.

We will have a tv in our master bathroom (right where the cable outlet and recessed outlet are at). You cannot argue this one with me unless you have tried it personally. 5 houses ago we placed a tv in our master bathroom and instantly decided this is a must-have. Once you try it, you will never go back. We strategically place it above the tub, but also make sure we can see it from the mirror as we are getting ready in the morning.

And we will have televisions in both the parlor and living room (and possibly the office…don’t judge). However, I found some unique furniture pieces to help disguise these a little more. For the person who wants the look of a house without a tv but actually needs the tv, there are some remarkable cabinets to help hide our “addiction.” Trent claims this cabinet looks like we are hiding a dart board! I’m hoping to get the tv and the cabinet hung this weekend.

While we are still waiting on our master bedroom furniture, the bed for the guest suite was delivered last week. We set it up, got the new mattress and I even put the new sheets on (yes, there will be a tv in here too). The sheets still need to be washed and ironed, but it felt good to see something that is more lifestyle and less construction.

We spent one of our days moving everything out of our storage units into our basement. Trent made multiple trips and would place it in the garage while I would then cart everything downstairs. We set up several large storage racks and have a couple more to still set up. We operate much more efficiently when things are stored in a somewhat organized manner.

That’s it for now friends! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  • February 7, 2018 Reply


    I would never have thought to place a mirror over the door. How beautiful because it will reflect the beautiful chandelier. I don’t know how the two of you managed to install it. Very impressed. Also, agree on TV’s in any room of your choice. We have six: computer room, TV room, kitchen, living room, bedroom and exercise room.

  • February 7, 2018 Reply

    Karen McMahon

    You two do such a marvelous job and are so! efficient, and anal! I love it! So much like myself! You’ve done a wonderful job on everything! I’m good with the tv’s. Me too!

  • February 7, 2018 Reply

    Ralph Buchanan Pears

    Don’t let anyone give you a hard time about having so many TVs. My wife wanted TVs in almost every room in the last house we built, including the kitchen and master bathroom, however, by the time we built the house, our kids were grown up. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but grew to like it. We have cut back a bit in our current home, refusing to put a TV in the living room. However, most of the other rooms do have TV availability. I guess the only observation I would make is that there is so little really good programming nowadays that we don’t use the TVs as much as we once did.

  • February 7, 2018 Reply

    Cathi Ryan

    I love the window over the door not to be changed because it adds so much to the dooor and the history of the home.. I love you putting a television in the BR, it is your home do what you like. The mirror over the door is such a neat touch, I would have never thought of that. What a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing these pictures and thoughts, love seeing and reading them.

  • February 7, 2018 Reply


    OH I love the bathroom TV idea! We moved into a large home in Niles with ONE cable outlet! ONE!!!!! We still curse the previous owners who built the house and spared no expense…but the outlets. It was a MAJOR undertaking to get cable in the rooms and we too LOVE our TVs. Think RESALE. All.The. Time! Ok, so now I know 2 people who iron their sheets, you and my mom! LOL! Mirror looks awesome too!

  • February 8, 2018 Reply


    This all wonderful. The mirror i perfect! Will there be a tv in the “dartboard” cabinet? Are you buying new furniture for the entire house? Thanks so much for sharing your progress. Bier you are getting anxious to move.

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