It has been another busy week at the house for this Tuesday Tidbits. But thankfully, we are now in a blanket of white! It looks beautiful outside and changes the light inside. As you can tell, the front parlor is almost fully complete. We need to put the toe trim up around the entire baseboard, add another smidge of caulk and that is it! Have I mentioned before that I will never (read: never, ever in a million years) mess with the front windows again?! It’s a good thing they are beautiful.

The kitchen is also close to being finished, but still needs the 2 exterior doors installed and the trim around those doors and the new window. While Trent is working on that, I’ll be installing all the hardware on the cabinets.

While the appliances were delivered and installed a few weeks ago, we simply slid the dishwasher in place and didn’t even remove the plastic cover from the dishwasher. Trent planned to get the dishwasher officially hooked up (plumbing, electrical) this last week. Once that was done, we removed the protective plastic and actually opened it up. We have used KitchenAid appliances for several years and in several homes and we love them! We have purchased the “starter” appliances all the way through the high end ones…they are all pretty awesome. If you are purchasing new kitchen appliances, you should check them out.

It wasn’t until we opened up the dishwasher that we realized there were actually 3 shelves! We are guessing that the top shelf is for serving utensils (I’ll eventually find out exactly because I will read the manual. Little known fact: I love reading manuals.) It’s just the prettiest dishwasher ever!

We also were able to get the grout down on the breezeway staircase. Trent hates (really hates) doing tile work. Personally, I kind of enjoy it. However, we can both agree that choosing to do the grout using water from our outside water spout (because we don’t have the inside water turned on) on the coldest day of the year was one of our worst ideas ever. I’m sure we will laugh about it in the years to come…ya’ know, after the frostbite clears from our fingertips.

And in the midst of all this, Trent was cool with me taking a couple of days off to sprint down to Gatlinburg to visit with my aunt and uncle and check out their new home. While I love our beautiful state (Pure Michigan), the Smoky Mountains are absolutely amazing!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for following along!


  • December 12, 2017 Reply

    Robin Pierce

    Throw some tinsel on that ladder and a string of lights and you have a Christmas tree. You’re welcome.

  • December 12, 2017 Reply

    Lillian Bradley

    Your house is really looking like a home now. Merry Christmas Trent and Leah.

  • December 12, 2017 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    You home is coming along great. The breezeway tile looks very nice and will be a warm path from the garage in. Never been to Gatlinburg but have heard that it is nice. A good get-a-way for you to see your family. Hope that your hands are thawed by now and enjoy your week…..

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