Time for another Tuesday Tidbits and we have been moving fast! The pseudo-finish line is in sight (I say this because we won’t actually be totally finished…but finished enough to move in). We are definitely getting a little adrenaline push for some of these projects. This past week we installed the gigantic hood over what will be a gigantic range. Since Trent had to drill a 10″ hole through the exterior (drywall, framing, spray foam insulation and 2 layers of brick), it took some effort. But the hood is installed. As you can see below we were also able to install the microwave (which is really just a small oven that happens to have a microwave feature) and it’s the fanciest microwave we have ever owned.

In order to fully get the next mini-project, I need to remind everyone how the house appeared when we purchased it. If you look to the back room, you will see a rectangle window…and no second exterior door (because there is a wall there).

But when we gutted the house we realized there was a secondary door and an original shaped window. We decided instantly to take these back to their original forms.

Today, this is how it looks inside. We have re-created a second door to perfectly match the original one. We are also having a highly reputable company in Iowa re-create a window to go in the original window spot. We have been assured that it will match flawlessly. The doors should be ready to go (the old one is getting fresh paint, the new one is getting glass and fresh paint) within the week.

As you can tell from the outside, this was how the house originally looked. So balanced!

When we are working on the house and need an item, our first stop is always the local hardware store. I know they don’t have everything…but it’s our goal to purchase locally when we can. Plus, they are 2 minutes from our house. If you haven’t been to Redbud Hardware in Buchanan, go! It’s like stepping back in time. The service is great, the store is just charming, they always have popcorn and this guy is there to greet you. It’s the best! Nope. We weren’t paid or asked to say this. We genuinely love it that much.

And because Thanksgiving is just barely a week away, it seems appropriate that downtown Buchanan has the start of some holiday cheer. It’s so peaceful.

Thank you so much for following along and have a wonderful week!



  • November 14, 2017 Reply

    Linda Jones

    One word sums up the house, town, and you kids…’charming’!

  • November 14, 2017 Reply

    Melanie Rosander

    Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
    Shop local, restore a house to former charm and beauty…tells much.

  • November 14, 2017 Reply

    Patsy Thompson

    I am happy to hear you will be moving in before too long! Even though you have worked so hard to get to this point, I am a little jealous because you get to live in that awesome house…LOL Thank you for sharing your project with us…I have enjoyed each step. I’m sure there are still many little things left to be done but the hardest part is behind you.

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