It feels like it hasn’t been that long since our last Q&A, but we receive a lot of similar questions and try to keep up on the answers. Here are some of the more recent common ones.

Question: When are you moving in?

Answer: We truly have no idea! But we are hoping by the end of the year. The house will not be entirely finished for a very long time…but it will be livable in the next few weeks (fingers crossed).

Question: What are you doing with the bricked over doorways?

Answer: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD! We have answered this a few hundred thousand times. Yes, we are opening up the bricked doorways. They will be one of the very last things we do. However we promise, cross-our-hearts, to document it very well and share it. We actually have the doors, so it’s just a matter of timing at this point. Preferably when it’s not 28 degrees out.

Question: Are you furnishing the house with new items or antiques?

Answer: Yes! While the house is large (okay, it’s enormous), we thankfully don’t need a ton of new stuff. Plus, Trent and I both prefer a more minimalist look to our decor. Not completely minimalist…just a nice, clean look. We will be using both brand new furniture, older furniture we already own and antiques to decorate.

Question: If you are moved in before Christmas will you decorate?

Answer: Probably not much this year. 1. The priority is to get in. Nothing else. 2. Every spare dime has been spent on the house. We’ll need to start saving for next year’s decor.

Question: Do 2 people really need this much space?

Answer: Absolutely not. However, we like our space….plus we truly enjoy entertaining and this house was made for that!

Question: Now that you are close to the end, would you change anything in hindsight?

Answer: Ummmm, yes. It doesn’t matter how many houses we do, how well we prepare or how long we have to work on it, we will always think of something after it’s too late to change.

Question: So, what would you change?

Answer: On this particular point, Trent and I have a firm agreement that we focus only on the positives. Therefore, you will never get a word out of us on regrets.

Question: How will you guys spend your spare time when this is done?

Answer: (Laughing) We both have rather demanding jobs that always take whatever time is available. Also, we love being involved in our church and have reduced some of that involvement over the last year due to the will be nice to get back to normal. And finally, we have every intention of having some completely boring time! Sitting in front of a television for a few hours sounds like pure bliss right now.

Below are some additional pics of our current status. Enjoy and thank you for following along!

Still painting trim.

The upstairs guest suite shower is complete! I loved how it turned out.

Almost all of our appliances have been delivered!!!! We are simply waiting on the refrigerator and we can get them all installed. The kitchen will be 99% complete once the appliances are in. If little elves showed up to install all the cabinet hardware, I would never complain.

Today we started installing the hood above the range (think red dust everywhere…due to the red brick exterior that we had to drill through). But it’s going to be the most gorgeous hood ever when it’s done!

Have a wonderful second half of your weekend!



  • November 11, 2017 Reply


    Oh. My. Goodness! What a wonderful surprise. I so look forward to each weekday after 7 a m to read your posts. Thank you for this Saturday post.

  • November 11, 2017 Reply

    Tonya Yoder

    Trim – paining trim- how are you doing it? Spray? Brushing? And once it’s installed – how are you handling the nail holes ?

  • November 12, 2017 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    The house is looking great and I am sure all are hoping that you will be in by Christmas to be able to enjoy a bit of the holiday season with family and friends…..

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