Every once in a great while we do a slightly different style of blog post.

Okay…to be clear, you guys know that I write these posts. It’s not really a “we” thing.  “We” actually do all the work on the house together. “We” have an equal say in all things pertaining to the house. But “we” don’t write the posts. Trent reads over my shoulder and says things like “you aren’t really going to post that photo of me…right?!” One of these days, honey. One of these days.

But, today is a little different. We recently had a fellow blogger ask us to do a “What’s In Your Toolbox?” post in collaboration with Wayfair. Nope, we aren’t getting paid anything. Nope, we did not receive a discount on any items. Just a quick post about our top 3 tools. We easily decided to do it because we order stuff from Wayfair ALL. THE. TIME. Our mailman, UPS lady and FedEx guy can all verify this fact.

Let’s get down to business. First things first: you need a toolbox! We have multiple toolboxes in all shapes and sizes. As I’m writing this post, I realize that we may need to add another toolbox to the mix because there are some pretty awesome new toolboxes. We use DeWalt tools daily, so this one has a nice brand behind it! We have this exact toolbox, but it’s a little more seasoned (if you know what I mean). I keep telling Trent that I’m going to steal it and use it for a fun centerpiece on our dining table. And if you need a huge, rolling toolbox (we may or may not have several) this is the one to get! As you can see, we have lots of space for lots of tools to do lots of projects.

Moving on to the actual tools. There is zero chance that we could recommend our top 3 tools. Zero. You should see our tool collection. It’s a little obscene. We just can’t play favorites like that – we love them all equally. In an effort to simplify, we are giving you our top 3 tools for doing tile work. Quick disclosure: some of these might not truly count as a “tool”…but you definitely need them to do the job. We have done our share of tile (so many showers, floors and kitchen backsplashes that I’ve lost count!) and we definitely have a system. If you have a tile job you are considering, we strongly recommend these 3 tools. FYI: once the tile is cut, these are basically the only 3 tools you need to install tile. And they are extremely affordable! It doesn’t get better than that.

*Sanded Grout. We always use sanded grout for our projects. Pick your color wisely. The color is guaranteed to be lighter than the sample color on the package, so choose carefully. For example, when I wanted dark grey in the pic below, I chose black. White subway tile is so classic and can go with many shades of grout. We used this subway tile for all 3 of our current showers.

*Rubber Grout Float. We have several of these. If you are doing an area larger than 3 feet, buy 2. Swap them out during your project and throw the unused one in a bucket of water. It will keep the tools cleaner as you are doing a very messy job.

*Tile Spacers. You get to select how much space you want between tiles depending on which spacer you choose. We have been going with less space recently…but it’s just our personal preference. Remember: the less space you have between tiles, the less grouting you have to do later on. #youarewelcome

That’s it! You are ready to get started. We recently just purchased this tile pictured below from Wayfair for our breezeway and I canNOT wait to get it installed! I just know it will be perfect. Follow along here and we will definitely post the results when we are finished.

You guys know that we love telling you about good experiences. Well, the request for this special post could not have been better timed. When we recently ordered this large hexagon tile we received the usual tracking number…except the package was never delivered. We let a few days go by and figured maybe it was accidentally delivered to a neighbor. We are in a very small town and things usually make their way to our front porch. Eventually, we called Wayfair and they we incredible. No need for us to prove that it didn’t show up (how would we even do that?), no excuses, no questioning, no “investigation” into the matter. They simply said that they were shipping out a new order immediately and putting a rush on it. Amazing! That’s what we call some serious customer service.

If you have been waiting to try a tile project, buy a few tools and give it a chance! As always, thank you for following along and have a great week!

tool tote
Tool Tote
wooden toolbox
18-inch Toolbox
rolling tool box
5 Drawer Rolling Tool Box
sanded grout
LAT 1500 Sanded Grout 25lb
subway tile
Prospect 3 x 6in Ceramic Subway Tile in Glazed White
molded rubber grout float
Molded Rubber Grout Float
gray porcelain tile
Rama Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic Tile in Gray
pH neutral tile and stone cleaner
pH Neutral Tile & Stone Cleaner


  • October 26, 2017 Reply


    I also love Wayfair! Bought a wall hanging a while back and wasn’t happy with it. I called and they said to throw it away or give it away and they issued a full credit. Amazing!

  • October 26, 2017 Reply


    This was an on expected post. Thanks for perking up my afternoon and teaching me a little bit more about tools that I’ll probably never use

  • October 26, 2017 Reply


    What spacing did you use for the white subway tile with the black grout?

    • October 26, 2017 Reply

      Leah Hudson

      1/16 inch spacing for the white subway tile with black/dark grey grout.

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