It’s been awhile since we have answered some of the more common questions we receive…so it seemed time for a Q & A post. Today’s Tuesday Tidbits is just in a slightly different format. Followed by a few pics. Here we go!

Q: When will you guys be moving in?

A: Well, last year we said spring. This spring we said Memorial Day. This summer we said July 4th. We have no clue! We want to be moved in more than anyone else (I promise). However, we have lived in our own construction zones before and it is not fun. Not fun at all. While we don’t require every single item to be completed, we need it to be a little more done than it currently is. **Every time we tell our cat that it’s going to be a little longer until his mansion is ready, this is the look he gives us.**

Q: Are you guys going to have an open house?

A: We have had a couple of open houses for our friends and family. It’s turned into a few hundred people (of friends and family!). If we are being completely honest, it would be tough to have hundreds upon hundreds of people wandering through our brand new home. That being said, we haven’t ruled it out…we would just have to figure out a way to handle it logistically. In our past homes, we have enjoyed entertaining large groups often. I am certain that we will be doing the same in this home. Lots of parties, baby showers, bridal showers, charity events, etc. We promise to keep you posted on the open house. If you have a grand idea on how to make it work please post it in the comments!

Q: Are you planning on opening up the bricked over doorways and windows?

A: For the love of all that is good!!! Trent and I laugh (and then roll our eyes) every time we hear this question because we feel like we have answered it at least five hundred times. Yes. The reason there is no drywall over the doorways and windows that were once bricked over, is because we plan to open them back up. **This is one of the 2 bricked doorways.**

Q: Well then when are you going to open up the doorways and windows?

A: When we figure out a way to replicate them perfectly. We have found someone who can recreate the windows, but the doors are a different story. It’s a tough job and we have learned the hard way to be very, very picky about who we hire. Trent and I have basically resigned ourselves to the fact that we will be doing it ourselves. And THAT is why it hasn’t been done yet.

Q: How much money have you spent on this house?

A: Thankfully, I am not keeping a daily log…so I could look any one of you straight in the face and honestly say “I have no idea.” It’s a very large home and we have completely remodeled every square inch. We have purchased nice materials. However, we have done most of the labor ourselves, which means we have saved a significant amount of money. We are blessed to have extremely good jobs to fund our craziness. We won’t be purchasing a G5 anytime soon…but we also don’t have to survive off ramen noodles (yet).

Q: How do you guys not kill each other working on projects every day?

A: We don’t claim to have the answers, but we have learned a lot about ourselves during our projects. As the saying goes, “pick your battles.” Trent wanted a huge garage. I wanted a huge kitchen. Trent didn’t really want hickory floors. I didn’t really like my closet floor plan. Pick your battles.  

Q: Are you going to have any other projects after this one?

A: At this stage in the game we always have a rather loud “NO” when asked this question. I think we have agreed that this will be the last home we do for ourselves (maybe…probably…most likely). However, we keep eyeing cute little homes in need of some attention. Something that would take less time and money while still improving a neighborhood. Maybe we would flip them or maybe we would keep them as rentals. We are fairly open at this point. I keep telling Trent that it would be fun to rehab a small house and document exactly what we do each day and how much we spend. I believe it would prove that some projects are more attainable than most people believe…or what HGTV may show you. Help me convince Trent that this would be fun!!!

And here are just a few random pics of things right now.

Below is a pic that makes me so happy! It’s our gas line that is all ready to go for our range! I will be cooking’ up some mac-n-cheese in no time at all.

Below is the small fireplace in the kitchen. We are deciding this week what kind of stone will go on the ledge (the mantel is wood). It will be nice to have this wrapped up.

We spent the weekend putting the final marble touches on all  the bathrooms/showers. We have several shampoo ledges and I’m happy with how they turned out.

That’s it for today! Enjoy your week and thank you for following along!



  • August 8, 2017 Reply


    Stunning. Maybe an open house before you actually move in (protection of your belongings and privacy of course). I have to admit, following along has me intensely curious to see it in person, many of us are, lol. Especially the stairwell and those gorgeous floors! Thanks for the enjoyment of watching. Hope you find another house to flip in Buchanan.

  • August 8, 2017 Reply

    Connie Fowler

    You guys are so good at what you do, so it would be a waste of your amazing talents to just SIT AND DO NOTHING when you’re done with this project, but don’t you ever want to just SIT AND DO NOTHING??? I’m exhausted just reading about how hard you’ve been working! LOL!

  • August 8, 2017 Reply

    Donna Laureys

    You may have already thought of this, but my suggestion on opening up your house for tours, would be to contact places in the area who conduct tours of historic homes and find out how they handle it. I would do it once the house is done and before you move in. Not that anything would happen, but I would also have security present at least for your peace of mind if that is an issue for you.

    Trent – it would be a good idea to flip a home while keeping track as you go along. You would actually be helping others by providing this good information. It would encourage others to do this and that would mean so many other neglected homes would get the makeover they so desperately need.

    You two are so knowledgeable — I say “Go for It”. If you do one or two and find it is not for you, at least you have shared your skills and talent with others.

  • August 8, 2017 Reply


    I’d love to read about smaller remodels with costs documented along the way. It would be very helpful for homeowners to learn and get some realistic info for our local area compared to HGTV.

    Maybe for an open house you could sell tickets with the money going to your favorite local charity? I don’t know if that would help with logistics or make it more complicated!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • August 8, 2017 Reply

    Rachel Plank

    Maybe you could do a few “open house” days, and sell tickets for $2 or $5 and then donate the money to some local Buchanan organization (like the Buchanan Art Center – hint, hint one of my faves). Then you could control how many folks come, and support something local. Of course opening your home to strangers may be a little freaky, and I would totally understand if you kept it to yourselves. Until you decide we’ll all be following along. Thank you for inviting us to share your journey!!!

  • August 8, 2017 Reply


    Sell tickets to your open house. Set times and limit number in groups. Rope off where you want traffic. That’s whatIs’d do!

  • August 8, 2017 Reply


    I wouldn’t want an open house with hundreds trafficing through either. You should have a very detailed & guided video with sit down interview segments explaining before and after shots/video. Panaramic views of each room as if google map was the tour guide if you will :).

  • August 8, 2017 Reply


    I would love to see the home inside when done, but realize the problems that could cause. I liked the suggestion of Taylor above, have a video tour. Or have hours that each name could come, like from 10 to 11 am A thru E and they must have an ID to prove last name. And NO CHILDREN!
    I love kids but to tour a home I don’t see the need, most would be bored.
    I know this home will be done in the near future and I have to admit I will miss your posts! 😊🏚
    (I almost lost it when the house in South Bend fail thru!)

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