We have two Friday Favorites to share with you today and they are both amazing! I’m a little long-winded in this post, so hang tight. We are in the cabinet phase of the house (kitchen) right now and we struck gold! 

First off, our Amish cabinet maker is the best. Seriously. The. Best. He was so pleasant to deal with, let us know when he had questions throughout and delivered the product much earlier than promised. Not to mention, our cabinets are pretty amazing. Solid wood, beautiful drawers (dovetailed with rounded edges) and a perfect finish. We are so pleased with them! We were also pleased with the price because he came in dramatically cheaper with a significantly higher product than the other quotes we received. His name is Manuel and this is his info. If you need something built, he is your man. Tell him that Trent and Leah sent you and I have no doubt that he will treat you well. You may need to call him more than once…he is not quite as connected to his phone as the rest of us.

While he built our cabinets for us (see below), he also created the extra huge baseboard we needed for the upstairs. It’s pretty amazing too. Again…solid wood.

If you read our last post, you know that we ended up with a lot of cabinets. We have always installed the cabinets ourselves, but we can admit when we are completely out of our league.

A few houses ago (maybe 2012??), Trent was heading out of town for almost a month (mission trip, followed by a work thing, followed by a guys’ trip) and we didn’t want our project to get a month behind. We decided to hire 2 guys that we knew from church to install our hardwood floors. They had a construction business and we completely trusted them. I was home alone while Trent was out of the country…that’s how much we trusted them. Well, they were incredible to work with! They showed up every day (in the construction world, that’s nothing short of miraculous), on time, did amazing quality work and cleaned up after themselves each day. It kind of felt like they could read my mind. Fast forward the next few projects and we have tried to get them for other jobs that we knew they would be perfect for. Unfortunately, the whole world now knows how amazing they are. I happen to be friends with one of the wives and I would repeatedly send her text messages basically begging her husband to come finish a project for us. She would laugh and tell me about how busy they were. Well….after we carried all the kitchen cabinets into the house, we immediately started discussing who we could hire. Every time we would bring up a name, we would veto it for any number of reasons and then both comment about how it looked like we would be installing the cabinets ourselves (the dread we both felt was REAL…like sick-to-your-stomach real). We kept coming back to these guys and I kept saying “I wish they had the time!” Later that evening I was texting the wife and I jokingly asked if her husband was free. You can guess the answer. We struck gold!! I was basically screaming with glee over my text messages. Not only did Trent and I not have to install them, but we were getting the best of the best! Jason Wilson and Greg Schermier are amazing! And they do it all (full remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc). However, they are busy…so I suggest trying to book them FAR in advance. I’m totally going to date myself here, but do you remember the opener to The A-Team?! 

“If you have a problem,

If no one else can help

And if you can find them…

Maybe you can hire The A-Team.”

Yep! They are going to hate me for that comparison, but it’s what was going through my head the entire time. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the entire kitchen update (very soon, I promise), but these guys installed 50 cabinets…50!!!…in 2 days. Keep in mind that this is a 150 year old house. There are no straight walls/floors/ceilings. These guys are pros. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

We are so pleased! There is still much to do, but the major job is done. We have molding for the top that will eventually be added and I might need to sell a kidney to pay for the cabinet pulls, but we’ll get there. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for following along and have a wonderful weekend!



  • July 28, 2017 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    When this kitchen is done you will have a really nice one. I looked at the cabinet and drawer finishing and internals on your photos and they look like super quality work. Congrats to you and keep up the good work.

  • July 28, 2017 Reply

    Linda Clements

    I love your cabinets! We are in the process of building a new home. I’d like to ask what items are you planning for your island (seating, sink, dishwasher, microwave, trash/recycle, drawers)? I could use some kitchen organization ideas. Thank you from Lakeside, MI. 🙂

    • July 28, 2017 Reply

      Leah Hudson

      The large island will have the main sink, dishwasher, lots of cabinets and drawers. It will have a snack bar on one end that will seat 4.
      The small island will be butcher block (all other counters will be marble) and will just have cabinets and drawers. It will have a snack bar on one end that will seat 2.
      The prep sink is just behind the small island. The fridge is on that same side of the kitchen. The side of the kitchen with the large island will have the 48″ gas range directly behind the large sink. Over to the left will be a wall with 2 built in ovens and the microwave.
      Good luck on your kitchen!

  • July 28, 2017 Reply

    Gail Hickner

    is your Amish friend going to build one of those library ladders so you can reach the upper cupboards?
    I am 5’2″ and we have 10′ ceillings with cupboards all the way to the top.
    Fortunately, I got one of those old ladder chairs from my aunt, so I no longer had to pull out the ladder.

  • July 28, 2017 Reply

    Julie Smies

    I’ll sell you a kidney if you use your considerable influence to help us get our pool up and running.

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