We have a few more favorites to share with you this gorgeous Friday morning!

While the plan is to do the breezeway floor last (like after we move in), I just couldn’t help myself and went ahead with another purchase. The hexagon and octagon tiles in the bathroom have turned out so nice we decided to continue the “theme” into the breezeway. These tiles will be hexagon, but much larger! Like close to a foot (as opposed to 2 inches). I really think it will tie everything together in the house, but still allow for the water/snow/salt to stay off the wood floors.

Another favorite item we have is something we have owned for a year! Our kitchen cabinets. They were finished last year (because our Amish guy had time then and the price was right) and they have been fully covered and stored for 12 months. We started bringing a few into the house last week and Oh. My. Goodness. They are amazing! He did an unbelievable job! I promise to do a full post to just the cabinets and cabinet maker (yes, I will give you his contact info) in the coming weeks. Every time I walk by the handful of cabinets we have sitting in the kitchen I just get giddy. And then I beg Trent for us to install them now. He laughs and says no.

We have spent the past 2 months figuring out everything for the staircase. It turns out having a solid wood staircase is not as simple as it logically seems like it should be. I now know far more than I ever wanted to know about stairs and all the different parts. The treads, risers, skirts, aprons, newels and banisters were all delivered this past week (solid hickory). But the part I’m most excited about are the balusters that I picked out. They are nickel and solid…as in, these puppies weigh a lot. A semi truck delivered them on this one little pallet. The guy used a fork lift and everything as I giggled on the side. I kept looking at the 8 little boxes on the pallet and that each box was a 5″ square and about 3′ long. Did he really need to use a fork lift?!?! I then tried to lift one of the itty bitty boxes and the joke was on me. I can’t even push one of the little boxes an inch. Naturally, I did the only sane thing and grabbed a knife to cut into the boxes to see these beauties. The are perfect and I can’t wait to see them in place!

If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram you know we have been installing doors. We saved the main level original doors and will put those back in place. However, the second level had doors from the 1980’s and they needed to go. We had solid doors created that look like the main level doors and had them finished in the white. Originally, I didn’t want to spend the money on solid doors but Trent convinced me we should (obviously, the main level doors are solid). He was right. The doors are beautiful and just feel nice. If you have a choice when buying doors and you can spend a little more, get the solid doors. You won’t regret it.

That wraps up another Friday Favorite! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for following along!


  • June 16, 2017 Reply

    Jane Gajewski

    Don’t you worry the the ceramic tile will be slippery in the breezeway when they get wet from the rain/snow? I slip on tile when my shoes re wet? Maybe I’m just clumsy. The tile you picked is gorgeous.

  • June 16, 2017 Reply

    Annie Anderson

    The tiles you chose for your breezeway floor are absolutely AWESOME!! Perfect choice!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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