It’s Tuesday and time for our Tidbits! I mentioned last week that we have a lot of things happening in the next 3-4 weeks and many of you asked why we would put this type of timeline on ourselves. Admittedly, some of the rush is us simply wanting to get things done. However, most of the tasks need to happen before something else can happen. Additionally, we hired a carpenter to build our fireplaces and he had a timeline (which then affected when other things could happen). It goes a little like this:

The fireplaces must be finished before the flooring can be finished.

The flooring must be finished before the staircase can be finished.

The staircase must be finished before the baseboard can be installed.

The baseboard must be installed before the upstairs flooring can be finished.

The doors must be installed (upstairs) before the flooring can be finished.

And obviously all of these items need to be finished before we can move in!

Our carpenter building the fireplace stood next to the larger fireplace (half of it) and it’s huge. Like insanely over the top huge.

I mentioned on Instagram and FB that we picked up the trim/casing/baseboard that our Amish guy created for us this past week. The upstairs needed all new and the main level needed several replacement pieces. All the baseboards are 10″ tall. They are also insanely huge.

Our hardwood flooring was delivered this past week and we moved everything into various rooms (for the wood to acclimate). The wood is 3/4″ thick and natural hickory. I’m SO excited to see how this turns out. And yes, that little stamp on the box says “Made in America”…that’s not an accident.

Trent took some time over the weekend and met a friend in Las Vegas (the guy needed a few days off!!). He sent me this pic of his view from Top Golf.

While Trent was gone over the weekend, I decided to use the alone time (and BEAUTIFUL weather) to refresh all of our mulch, plant just a few flowers and pull up the grass along the back of the garage. I had no clue how much work it would take to pull up everything along the garage. But, it’s close to being finished and I think it’s going to look nice and make our mowing job easier.

Thank you for following along and have a wonderful, beautiful week!




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  • May 16, 2017 Reply


    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see those floors!

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    Beautiful! The fireplace is huge!

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