The past week has been all about tile work for us and we have a few favorites that (if you happen to be doing any tile work yourself) could help make your life a little easier. We will NEVER dispute just how much work tile is. However, by doing it ourselves we have literally saved tens of thousands of dollars over the past decade.

This item looks a lot like one of Trent’s creepers that he uses in the garage…but it’s so much more wonderful. It’s called a Racatac and will cost you roughly $150.00. The seat angles towards the floor and the spot for the knees is super padded. It’s a little awkward to climb on and off (kind of hysterical the first time), but pure comfort once you settle in.

When putting down tile, you must use spacers (to keep things even and consistent). The current trend is for very little space between tiles. We found these spacers that were the most thin we have ever seen. Also, they have little grips on them (a thousand times better than the old ones that were basically a train wreck). These are by Tavy and are 1/16″ thick…they are $5/100.

We have a nice, big, fancy tile saw (that we love). However, using the wood-style tile that is 4′ long meant we couldn’t use the wet saw to cut it. Trent bought this Kobalt tile cutter ($100 at Lowes) and was shockingly impressed. Basically, it perforates the tile and you just kind of bend it until it breaks. We were both shocked that the tile didn’t crack or have ragged edges. While a good tile saw will set you back FAR more than $100, this guy is pretty decent for the price.

I voiced my dissatisfaction with the Sherwin Williams ceiling paint we used in a prior post…unfortunately, we had another paint problem. I purchased two gallons of the dark blue paint we are using in one of the guest bathrooms from Sherwin Williams. The color is Indigo Batik (I love the color!!) and we used the highest end line for the bathroom (Emerald). I cut in the bathroom with 3 coats and then Trent rolled it with 3 coats. My cutting in used paint from one gallon, while Trent’s rolling used paint from another gallon. Needless to say, even though they are the “exact same color,” I think we can all agree they are NOT the exact same color (look closely in the corner). Thankfully, we had enough left in Trent’s gallon for me to cut in the entire bathroom a 4th time!  I know many people love Sherwin Williams…unfortunately, we will probably not use their paint again. It’s possible we just had a couple rounds of bad luck, or maybe it’s the particular SW store we are using. Either way, the paint issues have cost us extra time and money and we are being very careful with both these days.

And just so that we end Friday Favorites on a favorite thing, I had to just stand back and admire the Marvin windows in our breezeway last night. I love them. I cannot wait to live there full time so that I can enjoy them every time I walk in from the garage. Well done, Marvin! I hope that your weekend weather forecast looks as perfect as ours currently does. Enjoy your weekend friends!


  • April 7, 2017 Reply


    If you buy your paint here in buchanan at the hardware store you’ll get the same color every time. Their manual paint “crank” is an exact formula. Its the computers that screw up paint formulas I believe. Plus their brand is the same formula as sherwin but not as expensive. We Always have the best paint coming from there.

    • April 7, 2017 Reply


      I have to agree! I have purchased 3 gallons of paint from Redbud hardware for a bedroom and it was beautiful in one coat and you can’t tell where in the room I switched from one gallon to the next.

  • April 7, 2017 Reply

    Joyce Null

    We haven’t done our own painting for many years. When we did paint using more than one gallon, we would mix the gallons together in a 5 gallon bucket to assure having the same color. This was a recommendation from my uncle who was a professional painter.

  • April 7, 2017 Reply

    Robyn Karkiewicz

    Thank you for all of the tidbits. It is very helpful as we are redoing a room and we will be redoing a bathroom in the future.

  • April 7, 2017 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    I can agree with your paint disappointment, but glad that you had enough to recover. The satisfaction is just never the same having to do things over to get what you desire. I work on old cars as a hobby and when I order something from a parts house, I really do expect it to fit and perform as a “new” part. It is the same as your endeavors, the satisfaction is just not there after redoing brand new parts. I like the tools you have amassed to make your work easier and because it is easier, you can accomplish more. The weather looks good here too for the weekend, finally sunshine and warmer temps. Enjoy your weekend…..

  • April 8, 2017 Reply

    Nancy Nicholas

    You two amaze me!

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