We have been hard at work with both the painting and tile work for the past few weeks. I will have a future post that is devoted to the tile work (and some money saving tricks on that end), but today’s Friday Favorites post is nothing more than a few favorite items that have made our lives a little more simple the past few weeks.

The HUGE Purdy roller! If you are painting anything more than a room, go buy this. Now. Don’t even finish reading this post. Just make the purchase. ($18 for the roller, $11/3 pack for the replacement and $30 for the bucket) We waited until 5 houses in to buy this item and we kick ourselves for it regularly. Cutting in a room requires time and patience. But rolling the entire room can be done in about 15-20 minutes…not even joking.

Cheap buckets. We have always had a few of these buckets from Lowes around a project site. However, since we don’t really have a place to clean up tools at the house yet (we have to run everything back to the house we are living in and clean up there) these $2 buckets have been a lifesaver. And I’m hoping to remember these awesome buckets when one of us ends up with the flu. Because let’s be honest: this makes a way better puke bucket than the mixing bowls that we all use and act like we don’t.

Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint. This is the paint we have used with rooms that will see less “wear and tear.” Living room, office, guest bedrooms, etc. While I’m still not totally sold on the coverage (it goes on light and requires 3 coats), the finished product is very beautiful. Somebody in marketing came up with the right name, because it actually looks like cashmere. (A gallon of Cashmere is $54, but Sherwin Williams almost always has a sale or coupon, making this only $40.)

Thank you for following along and have a wonderful weekend!




  • March 31, 2017 Reply


    I like the idea for the Lowe’s buckets. I may have to get me a couple! 🙂

  • March 31, 2017 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    Some really good tips for painting projects. Clean up is a chore but a must to keep rollers and brushes in shape for the next time. Enjoy your weekend.

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