This next Monday is Halloween and (more importantly) Trick-or-Treat time for Buchanan, MI. Buchanan kiddos: We. Are. Ready. Okay….actually, we’re not really ready at all. We have candy. But since we don’t have a completed house we will be lacking many things like exterior lighting, cute costumes or pretty porch decor and furniture. We promise to have all that next year. 


While fall brings loads of fun for kids, here in house-project world we have a different take on fall. While we have still worked on the house this past week, we have also had some fall maintenance items to take care of. Amazingly enough, the new gutters needed to be cleaned out (it seems like they are about 3 days old…but we actually installed them at the start of summer).



And, we had to winterize the sprinkler system. It’s not the worst task in the world, but we would rather be working on something in the house that feels like progress. However, we are thrilled to have a sprinkler system (and a lawn)…so no more complaining from us! **Huge bonus: we are able to winterize the system on our own, which obviously saves some money!!**


We have been able to continue working inside the house, as well. Plumbing is underway – but like most things, it is slow going.img_7716


As always, thank you for following along and have a wonderful week!



  • October 25, 2016 Reply

    Michael Lannoo

    Yes, fall maintenance takes away from what we want to do but old man winter takes no prisoners. I shut down the sprinkler system in the basement and then have a company blow it down with high pressure and volume making sure the lines are dried out. We have invested in gutter covers, 3 foot sections, easy install and have eliminated that fall project…..

  • October 28, 2016 Reply

    Don Ryman

    When setting up anything on a nineteenth century home, remember the motto KISS- “keep it simple, stupid.”

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