After a lot of framing (and by a lot, I mean 2,300 sq ft worth) and more electrical wires than my mind can comprehend, we are getting close to drywall.  While I dread drywall for the inevitable mess it creates, I love it because the end is in sight.  Not actually close, mind you, but it’s in sight.

Our project has proven to be slightly more difficult with Niles (our new kitten). Since we are opening up the stairwell we had to remove walls up to the main level recently.  The lower level is a disaster and we didn’t want little Niles to get hurt, so Trent created a door to block it off.

Niles was able to push through the door in seconds.  Trent then added two “locks.”  Niles was easily able to turn the locks and open the door.

Trent then added a homemade childproof lock to the original lock.  So far, so good. Although Niles shoves his face into the cracks to let us know just how displeased he is (daily).
It’s such a tough life.

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