Yes, we have still been slaving away on the project house.  However, we’ve had a couple of small detours (truthfully, some of them were not so small).  Long story short, we are back on track and have a lots of items checked off our to-do list.

1.  30 additional new sprinkler heads added to the “back 40” of our property.
2.  New retaining wall on the side of the house so Trent doesn’t have to mow Mt. Everest.
3.  Old deck demolished and new deck started.
4.  All the 2×4’s needed for framing our entire basement delivered and moved into place.

That’s it!  That’s what we have been up to the past 8 weeks.

This is the machine that allowed us to do the sprinkler addition without massive destruction.

This is the retaining wall we built.
This is what the old deck looked like (UGLY).
This is during the demo phase (pre-retaining wall).
And this is all the wood for starting the framing in our basement.

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